To Click Or Not To Click: 3 Tips To Get The Conversion


You did it! You caught the viewer’s attention. This is half the battle in a world jam-packed with advertising. But even though the viewer is now paying attention to you, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a sale – let alone even a click for that matter.

This is the tricky part: making sure your ad strategy will encourage consumers to take action, and not forget about your brand. According to ComScore, the average Internet user is served 1,707 banner ads per month. Even if the consumer notices one in particular, it is likely that they won’t take any action and may never think about the ad again.  So then what?

By using these 3 tips to get the conversion, your viewer will know exactly what to do… and they’ll actually do it!

1. Make Sure Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Is Clear And Direct

You know when your boss gives you 5 things to do at once, how you always forget at least 3 of the 5? Well, it’s the same for ads. Heavy ad copy leads to confusion. Pick one key message and one clear CTA and stick to it! If there’s only one thing to do, it’s much more likely it’ll actually be done.


2. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

In the digital age, people do their research. With so many review sites and comparisons readily available, it’s not too common that people see an ad and immediately buy the product without checking up on the product competitors first. Or even when they first see your ad, if it’s too similar to your competition, later on when they go to buy the product they may think of your competition before you Continue reading


Insights & Analysis: Comparative Travel Sites

TravelSitesYou know the scene: It’s cold and rainy outside, you’re trapped inside at home, just dreaming of some exotic destination. Well, thanks to online travel sites, your dreaming can now easily become a reality.

Gone are the days of using a travel agent – now to plan a trip, people just hop online and can book their all-inclusive getaway, or Eurotrip, in a matter of minutes. In fact, a whopping 57% of all travel reservations are now being made online! Needless to say, travel sites need to work hard to keep up with the demand and beat the competition!

This month, we look at both the display and mobile strategies from Comparative Travel competitors Expedia, Priceline, Trivago, and Hipmunk…




15 Key Takeaways From ASE14 In 140 Characters Or Less


                            Jordan, Account Executive & Wendy, VP of Marketing

We’re back from 3 days of hustle and bustle in The Big Apple!  We exhibited, networked and attended a handful of informative sessions. If you missed the show or just need a quick refresher, here are the top 15 takeaways from ASE14 in 140 characters or less…


  • For ad optimization, test variations with no more than 3 ads per ad set. Test copy, call-to-action and image.
  • Go direct to advertisers for higher payouts. Check link on to see entire path of affiliate links to find the true source.
  • Adwords pro tip: use punctuation for longer headlines, ad extensions, keyword insertion.
  • Free Shipping Is King! 69% of shoppers more likely to shop when free shipping is available.
  • Google doesn’t want to make websites popular.  They want to rank popular websites.
  • Don’t use merchant data feed without editing, redirect links internally, moderate UGC, don’t sell out user trust.
  • Recruit bloggers as affiliates.  They bring new customers since they are typically first point of contact.
  • Alternative attribution models incl time decay, first interaction, linear. Know the path your customers are taking and use most fitting one.
  • DYK smokers and dog owners convert better for dating offers?!
  • Don’t just Tweet, build “character” on social media.
  • FB ads tip: expand your reach with “lookalike audiences” and use auto bid.
  • People want to see ads that are educational, entertaining & evoke emotion.
  • 5 pillars of affiliate management: recruitment, activation, policing, communicating, optimization.
  • CPM works well for testing over CPC but be mindful of targeting. Better to learn lots about a smaller demographic.
  • The biggest predictor of success? Grit!


You can also check out the slides from each session HERE.  See you in Vegas in the new year for ASW15!


Top 10 Affiliate Blogs


Affiliate Marketing can be a pretty daunting pool to jump into. With so many programs to choose from, and so much competition, beginners sure have a lot of information to sort through. Once they’ve caught on though, they can get right into the fun (and profit!).

Affiliate blogs are valuable resources for learning tips, tricks and getting the inside scope.  We put together a list of the top ones that you should read and bookmark.  They are written for affiliates by affiliates who have been around for a number of years and continue to make a huge impact in the industry

To save you some guesswork, we’ve made a list of the Top 10 Affiliate Blogs that you should be reading…

Charles Ngo | Facebook | Twitter

In the industry since 2007, Charles has made a huge dent in the market. Through his experience, he gives readers of his blog everything from affiliate and marketing tips, to lifestyle and career advice. Charles has been able to gain extreme wealth from affiliate marketing, and through this experience provides advice that works.

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Popular Guest Post Roundup


Don’t fall behind on the latest online advertising, marketing and mobile tips. Catch up with this roundup of our most popular guest blog posts!

Winning The Digital Ad Game: 6 Tactics To Boost Your Advertising ROI via The Daily Egg

us-digital-ad-spending (1)

If you think that display advertising has recently lost its affect, you’ve been ignoring some important stats – in the U.S., industry growth is forecasted through to 2017! The key to ROI success is to stay on top of your display strategy. Here are 6 tactics to help show you how.

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6 Cardinal Rules to Online Engagement

EngagementThese days with so many different ways to connect with your audience it has become such an easy task to engage with your audience… Right?

Okay, not really, especially if you are not totally clear on what works.

Here are 6 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Online Engagement with your Audience…

1.    Get Visual

Imagine this—two online stores selling the same products for the same price. The two websites look almost identical and also share similar online marketing strategies. The only major thing that differentiates these two online stores is that one displays pictures of their products, while the other site only displays pictures of its logo. Continue reading


WhatRunsWhere @ ASE14 / LeadsCon New York!

LeadsCon ASE 2014


The WhatRunsWhere spies are taking over The Big Apple!


On August 10-12, our VP of Business Development, David Kelly and Account Executive, Jordan Matheson will be exhibiting and offering product demos at Affiliate Summit East (Booth T811).

Mark your calendars –> our COO, Max Teitelbaum will be presenting on Aug 12 @ 2pm in the Astor Ballroom alongside Lori Weiman from The Search Monitor.

They’ll show you “How To Beat the Competition With The Right Intelligence Tools”.  Learn how merchants can provide affiliates with the same competitive intelligence smarts that top marketers deploy on paid / organic search and display ads, plus the impact of PLA’s on affiliate page rank.

Meanwhile over at LeadsCon (Booth #514)…

On Aug 14 -15, our awesome Sales Team: Conrad Bach and Jonathan Marmor will be giving you a sneak peek at what your competitors are up to and how you can crush their display + mobile strategies.

Let’s Connect!

Don’t forget to follow @whatrunswhere and join in on the Twitter conversation as our VP of Marketing, Wendy will be live Tweeting at these shows!


Shifting Screens: Travelocity


When was the last time you heard someone say “I’ll just ask my travel agent”? Been a while? That’s probably because of the surge of travel sites, reviews and tools that are now available online to help us plan the perfect trip.

As of May 2014, 57% of all travel reservations were being made online. Plus, 77% of people plan to book more trips from a smartphone in the next year.

So, what are travel sites supposed to do? Let’s see how a top online travel performer switches screens to keep their tourist appeal…

Our focus this week: Travelocity, a full service online travel agency currently ranked 2nd largest.


Traffic sources with the highest prevalence – Travel/Content Server (,,, etc.), Sports (, Personal Page (

Longest Duration – 1021 days (

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