6 Tips For A Great Direct Buy

Direct buys are a way to hone in on great inventory and have targeted huge ROI campaigns. Are you buying programmatically and finding one site is working well? Does your campaign scream that it would be a great match for a specific site? Buying directly from the publisher is an age old practice that has yielded great results for both direct response and branded advertisers over the years.

Publishers hypothetically love it because they earn more revenue (the ad network, SSP or DSP doesn’t take a cut), and they can charge “premium prices”. Advertisers like locking in inventory, which creates a barrier to entry for competition and guarantees them access to an audience they value.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your direct buys. From the point when you approach the publisher to actually pushing the buy live, these tips will help ensure you have the greatest chance of the best campaign possible.

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4 Strategies To Refresh Your Ads

Banner blindness is defined as “The tendency of web visitors to ignore banner ads, even when banners contain information visitors are actively seeking”. It’s not just banners though, the same thing happens for all types of advertising. It’s a serious challenge for any advertiser in today’s ecosystem.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. You have an amazing campaign, everything is going well, the metrics are off the chart, and then over time, it starts to die. Did your campaign actually just die, or are your visitors just burnt out, and blind to your message?

When running campaigns on specific sites, small networks or just at a mass scale for a long time, your audience becomes immune to your message, at least in the format you’re presenting it. Sometimes it’s the end of that campaign, but often you can squeeze more life out of what you’re doing with a few simple tweaks to existing creatives.

Here are some strategies we love to get the most out of your ads:

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NEW FEATURE: Only Show Affiliate Ads

WhatRunsWhere has a ton of data. Sometimes this makes finding Affiliate Ads difficult. Introducing our newest feature that makes your job easier, “Only Show Affiliate Ads”.

Now you can identify top performing Affiliate Ads in WRW easily with this filter.

only show affiliate ads

All it takes is one click. Simply click on “Only Show Affiliate Ads” to enable our affiliate ad filter. Ads are sorted based upon Score by default.

On any entity profile (Advertiser, Site, Network, Category, Top Ads and Keyword Search), select the filter at the top “Only Show Affiliate Ads”

Now, you will see only ads we have tagged as coming from affiliates.

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Meet and Connect with WRW in Berlin at AWE 2017

The WhatRunsWhere team is excited to be attending Affiliate World Europe for the first time! Our team will be touching down in Berlin on June 13 to join the rest of our peers in the Affiliate Industry.

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Interactive Walkthroughs in WhatRunsWhere!

Introducing… Walkthroughs in WhatRunsWhere! We created walkthroughs for when anyone signs up, they can understand how to use WRW 2.0 quickly and effortlessly. The walkthrough takes about 5 minutes but makes a world of difference. We included tooltips for all of the important filters, panels and variables you want to inspect, dissect and leverage in your own display campaigns. 

We want you to completely understand and love WhatRunsWhere. With the relaunch, we included a new database that has enhanced scoring, new ways to filter and a tonne more data period that you need. These walkthroughs ensure you’ll be able to make the most of the data at your fingertips.

Have you checked out our Walkthroughs yet? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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NEW FEATURE: Advertiser Comparison

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest feature, the Advertiser Comparison. You can compare Advertiser Profiles within WhatRunsWhere using our brand new Advertiser Comparison feature, allowing you to stack up to four unique advertisers against each other. This is a highly anticipated feature and we are thrilled to announce it is live in WhatRunsWhere now.

Why do you need this feature? Simple, it will make your life easier. The Advertiser Comparison allows you to compare your competitors against each other or benchmark yourself against competitors. You can quickly identify common elements from multiple campaigns in one view. It also helps you to identify opportunities. Easily see what your competitors share in common and what is unique for each of them. Are you missing out on a key placement or ad format? Discover hidden gems that your competitors are doing that no one else is.

With the Advertiser Comparison you can compare Ad Types, Countries, Traffic Sources and Networks used by up to four Advertisers. Let’s go through each of the panels below.

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Introducing WhatRunsWhere 2.0

We have some really exciting news… We’re thrilled to announce the launch of WhatRunsWhere 2.0!

As we designed and built the next version of WhatRunsWhere, we tried to focus on gathering better data and making it more accessible within a completely redesigned UI. We’re happy to announce we have done just that!

WhatRunsWhere 2.0 is jam packed full of new features. Here are some that we would like to highlight (*cough* brag about *cough*):

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Connect with WRW at Affiliate Summit West 2017

Are you headed to Affiliate Summit West 2017 in Las Vegas? Oh really, you are? So is WhatRunsWhere!

Since announcing that WRW was acquired by Pathmatics, we have been very busy. We will be unveiling some major changes to WhatRunsWhere at ASW 2017. We’d love to connect with you while we’re there to show you what we’ve been up to. If you’re not going to be at the show make sure you join our mailing list so that you can keep up with future updates to WhatRunsWhere.

Find our team at the Meet Market at Table #J4 on Sunday, January 15, 2017. Too busy at the show? Setup a meeting with our team for Monday or Tuesday as soon as possible.


2017 is going to be a big year for WhatRunsWhere. We’re super excited about what’s coming and know you will be to.