4 Steps To Bouncing Back From A Digital Marketing Mishap


You’re proud of your creative, you’re confident in your traffic sources, you just know your strategy is on point. Now you are ready for the leads to come pouring in!

But then… why aren’t they coming? You may have seen some leads trickle in, or had some consumer engagement, but your goals are just not being hit. Where did you go wrong?

There are many small mistakes that advertisers commonly make during campaign and strategy creation. Any of these mistakes can lead to underwhelming campaign results. It can be an easy answer  to scale way back after experiencing this, but that’s not the way to fix the problem.

So, how can you make a comeback and knock your next campaign out of the park? Here are 4 Steps to Bouncing Back after a Digital Marketing Mishap…

1. Re-Evaluate Your Timing

Keep in mind there is almost a season for everything so step back and determine if the timing of your campaign is one where your audience will likely be shopping for your product/service.

For example, weight Loss program Herbal Magic keeps their ads time-relevant. They introduce a Summer Slim-Down event during bikini season, and reference New Years resolutions during January and February – when most people are committed to making healthy changes.


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5 Top-Performing Examples For Your Black Friday Strategy


Black Friday is a mix of fear and excitement for consumers – with memories of being trampled in stores, or having items stolen out of their bare hands. The same can be said for online marketers. It’s competitive but also an exciting time with huge earning potential if you plan in advance and get ahead of your competition.

Cyber Black Friday is on the upswing. While in-store sales were down 3% for the event last year, online purchases saw a 16% increase!

Black Friday is 2 months away but it’s time to start planning NOW! To help you get in the holiday mindset, check out what these 5 top-performers did in 2013…

We spotted these common patterns:

  • Deals (obviously)
  • Little imagery, text heavy
  • Combination of brand colors with either holiday or black colors
  • “View Ad” vs. “Shop Now” CTA


Macy’s goes big for their Black Friday campaign! They had the largest amount of Black Friday ads across all of the brands we investigated. They test elements like catchy slogans (“Black Friday Doorbusters” vs. “Black Friday Grab-A-Deal”) and focus on two different events – their in-store sale and their online sale. As well, their CTA is consistently “preview now”, which helps build excitement through anticipation of what the sales could be.

Learning from Macy’s we can see that it’s valuable to advertise to different types of Black Friday shoppers, and bank on building up mystery.


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Shifting Screens: Coupons.com


Half Off! Save 75%! Buy One Get One Free! You can’t deny that these words get you excited! When shopping, most people are ecstatic to save a few dollars. Companies realize this, and since they can’t just slash every price, coupon distributors have come along to offer deals on the brands’ behalf.

Like many other businesses, coupons have also moved into the mobile realm. Being able to find coupons on your phone, while on the go, is something that people value. In fact, Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons, and 10 billion mobile coupons were redeemed in 2013.

Switching from desktop to mobile coupons is an effective move, but certain strategy adjustments must be made.

What do coupon companies have to do to keep up with a mobile world? Let’s look at top-player Coupons.com’s ad strategy…

Coupons.com offers digital coupons, including online printable, social, mobile, and loyalty card promotions.

First let’s check out their traffic sources.


Traffic sources with the highest prevalence – Coupons (debtfreespending.com, coupon-lady.com, fun2bfrugal.com), Food & Drink (averagejoecooking.com), Home & Garden (thehappyhousewife.com)

Longest Duration – 1351 days (pzrservices.typepad.com)

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Vote For Your Favorite Affiliate Forums!


Forums are very important in the world of affiliate marketing. As a noob, it’s comforting to have a community to turn to.  But even well versed affiliate veterans will go to forums for advice, networking or simply for water cooler talk.

After receiving so much candid feedback from our ‘Top Affiliate Blogs’ post over who should and shouldn’t have made the list, we decided that this time around we’d let you guys be the judge!

To help get the ball rolling, here are some of the top affiliate forums we’ve come across…

AffiliateFix | http://www.affiliatefix.com/

Warrior Forum | http://www.warriorforum.com/

WickedFire | http://www.wickedfire.com/

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WEBINAR: Profitable Tactics For Crushing Your Competition’s Campaigns


Ready to take advantage of your competitor’s strategy so you can build profitable campaigns?

Date: Tuesday, September 30th at 11am EST

Tune in to this FREE WEBINAR and you will learn: 

  • Which of your competitors’ ads are driving the most success
  • How to pinpoint their most profitable traffic sources
  • Where to focus your mobile advertising efforts
  • How you can cut down split testing, while still optimizing
  • Where to spot other top-performing advertisers targeting the same niche
  • What steps to take to become more visible and crush your competitors!

Join our COO & Co-Founder Max Teitelbaum as he hosts this Convert Academy webinar. Follow along and you’ll learn how to spy on your competitor’s campaigns in order to uncover their most profitable strategy secrets.

Find out how you can boost your campaign success using their marketing insights.



Insights & Analysis: eLearning

report-sept2014Gone are the days of being late for class. That is, unless your wifi is acting up.

That’s right –more and more students are moving out of the classroom and into the online world. With that, eLearning has quickly grown to become a $56.2 billion industry, and is predicted to double in size by 2015.

Our spies simply had to go in and do some investigating . We wanted to find out what we could learn from the eLearning online advertising landscape.

Take a look at the display and mobile strategies behind the big players in eLearning—American Intercontinental University, Full Sail University, Walden University and Capella University…


As well, be sure to check out both Part 1 and Part 2 of our ‘Takeaways from the eLearning Advertising Landscape‘ featuring an infographic on Dedicated Media.



Meet The Team: Jenny Duong, Insights Analyst


We’re really excited about our newest department – Insights & Analysis!

This team works relentlessly to uncover the most relevant data on our platform. Through reports and infographics, they are here to ensure you’re up to date on online trends and strategies across industries.

Check out our latest reports on Online Dating, Travel, eLearning, Women’s Apparel and more…

This month we unplugged and talked with our Insights Analysis (the brain behind the reports): say hi to Jenny Duong! 

1. First things first, tell us a bit about what you do at WRW?

As the Insights Analyst I evaluate much of WRW’s data and compile our client-facing reports. I provide patrons with actionable insights so they can make more intelligent media buys.

2. What is your favourite part about working here?

The people. WRW has an awesome company culture generated by awesome people.  The best places to work are filled with many smart and talented people. With great people around, you are inspired to be more creative, to constantly be challenged and motivated to be the best version of yourself.
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Top Campaigns of Summer 2014


People get nostalgic for summer quickly. Reminiscing about trips to the beach, or their favorite cottage drink, everybody does it. We’re no different. It’s only a week back into busy season and we’re already thinking about campaigns-gone-by from the summer.

While many advertisers were away on vacation, others took advantage of off-season to ramp up their strategies and forged ahead of their competition.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Top Campaigns of Summer 2014…

First, let’s start with some common patterns we see across these campaigns:

Simple messaging. Don’t make consumers think too much, their brains are on vacation!
• Advertisers encouraged consumers to experiment, embrace change and be adventurous.
• Lots of banners with bright colors and fun outdoor images.

Starbucks – Say Yes To What’s Next
May to August, 2014

Who can say no to Starbucks’ Frappucino – the perfect summer drink!  Their ads definitely makes us want to get one! The messaging in this campaign is two-fold – advertising the drink and the convenience of finding a location near you. Since people spend more time outdoors, “Find A Starbucks” is a very relevant call-to-action.

Desktop Ad

Starbuckssumer1mobileMobile Ad

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