Win Networking Plus Passes to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas!

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Affiliate Summit West is taking place January 12-14, 2014 at Paris Las Vegas.

It’s the industry’s top conference and includes 3 days of sessions covering the latest trends and presented by affiliate marketing specialists.  There is also a Meet Market and Exhibit Hall with affiliates, merchants, vendors, and networks.

This year our Co-Founder and COO, Max Teitelbaum will be speaking on the panel “Beat the Competition With the Right Intelligence Tools”.


David and Max at ASE13 in Philly.

David and Max at ASE13 in Philly.


5 reasons why you don’t want to miss ASW14: 

1) Affiliate Summit is an established conference and has been running for 10 years.  The Co-Founders, Missy Ward and Shawn Collins know what they are doing so you don’t have to worry about paying for BS topics and unknown cheeseballs presenters.

2) There is something for everyone!  With 100+ sessions, it caters to newbies and advanced online marketers.

3) Get some real face-time in and connect with your affiliate managers, advertisers, Tweeps, old friends and everyone else you’ve gotten to know online.  It’s the ultimate networking place because all the cool kids are going to be there!

4) Work hard and play hard!  There’s at least 3-4 parties going on every night — some of them are private invite-only from networks and others are open to pass holders and hosted by the larger networks like ShareASale.

5) It’s Vegas!  Nuff said.


We’re giving away 3 Networking Plus passes (valued at $549 each)!   

To enter our contest, complete BOTH these steps:

1) Comment below and tell us how you use competitive intelligence and why it’s important in your advertising strategy.
(Don’t forget to include your email or Twitter so we can contact the winners.)

2) Follow us on Twitter @whatrunswhere and send us a Tweet with the hashtag #ASW14.

We will chose 3 winners based on the best answer and each winner will receive 1 pass.  Passes cannot be transferred.  If you win but don’t check in at the conference or cancel in advance, you will be ineligible for future complimentary passes.  If you are selected and don’t reply within 3 days, your pass will be given to a runner-up winner.  This contest closes on November 1 at 11pm PST.  Good Luck!



10 thoughts on “Win Networking Plus Passes to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas!

  1. Ori

    Competitive intelligence is he first step I take when evaluating a new business opportunity. Using free and paid spy tools helps you asses an opportunity materialize it and optimizing as you go. Not using competitive intelligence in your business is like jumping to a pool without checking if there is water (:

  2. John M

    Knowing what your competition is doing is good for everyone, especially the most important person in any business equation “the customer”

    It keeps pushing the limits of creativity, boosts competition & keeps the market healthy.

    Spying has always been a part of every industry,
    WhatRunsWhere just took it to the next level!

    heres a great quote from one of the most innovative & extremely talented…

    “Good artists borrow, Great artists steal” Picasso


  3. David

    I like to use competitive intelligence as a way to, not only check out ads and placements, but to first discover who the major players are for a particular offer to examine what their packages, price points and upsell funnels are (as an advertiser).

    Odds are the leading players have already spent good time, money, and resources testing these factors…and can usually find a few nuggets to incorporate and improve upon.

  4. Jeff

    WhatRunsWhere Rocks!!! Because without it you might as well put your money on black to win in Vegas.

    Seriously after years of marketing you realize its not about re-inventing the wheel, but improving on whats all ready out there. Which is were WhatRunsWhere comes in showing what else is running in any market, plus breaks it down to traffic source, landers, placements & ad servers.

    Thanks guys for helping to keep me in the Game!!

    Rock on!!

  5. Daniel

    Competitive intelleligence is critical. How do you expect to win a race if you don’t know where you stand and what your chances are. If you are severely overmatched you can develop a strategy to either “cheat” to gain ground or maybe drop out of the race all together.

  6. Dheeraj

    I always use Whatrusnwhere for spying my competitors ads. Even if i don’t know the niche and i would like to enter it, i just gather some related websites in the niche then spy on them to get more data. Every affiliate market must have this tool in order to get successful. Without whatrunswhere, i would have been with a lot of proxies struggling to spy my competitors.

  7. Gareth O' Neill

    We use it to find the right channels at the right price which in turn enables us to maximise profit.
    Primarily we use it to see if competitors are using traffic sources that we are not and what percentage of their overall spend is on those other sources. From there we approach those ad networks to start advertising with them. If direct competitors are using those channels it provides the confidence that we could be successful on them too
    We get placement suggestions and demographic targeting insights
    We also use it to check out the types of ads competitors use to stimulate new ideas for ads within our team.
    Finally we use it to assess the suitability of new ad networks that I meet at conferences. I go to lots of conferences where I meet lots of potential partners, competitive intelligence enables me to quickly prioritise who to follow up with.

    It helps drive business growth, be more efficient in spend and in turn improve profitability. More revenue, more sales at a CPA and ROI that makes sense for our business.
    It helps maximise the efficiency in time management. Instead of spending time with new ad networks that are not going to bring much benefit to our business, I know through competitive intelligence who to work with.
    It enables us to be smart about the ads we use, who we should target, what they should look like and where we should place them.

  8. Ajith

    I came to know about Whatrunswhere revenuewire. Until then i was using VPN’s for each country to spy on my competitors. However i was able to spy on the search network only but for display network it was impossible for me to spy on the competitors even with VPN’s. After watching the webinar, i came to know that whatrunswhere is great tool for to spy on competitor’s advertising campaigns.

    It has a great feature “Last seen” and “First Seen” with this feature, we can easily know if the advertiser is profiting from his campaigns or not. If he is running from long time to till now, then we can easily know that he is profiting from his campaigns.

    The simple export option enables us to easily export the websites our competitor is advertising on, we can easily target in the placements in adwords using this data.

    The other cool feature is getting advertising data of a publisher site. If we want to know what kind of ads are running in a specified website, whatrunswhere has it and it can provide the date we need.

  9. WhatRunsWhere

    We’ve picked the 3 winners and you should all have received an email or DM on Twitter. Pls reply back to Wendy (at) for details on how to claim your ASW14 complimentary passes. If we don’t hear from you by Thursday morning, a new winner will be selected. Thanks!


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