Who Placed It Best? NEW Competitive Intelligence Series

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How do you monitor what your competition is up to?

Let’s face it: At the end of the day the customer can and will only pick one brand to buy from. Will it be you or your competition?

This is why it is so important to keep an eye on your competition—so that you can keep beating them at their own game.

‘Who Placed it Best?’ is our new blog series where we will be placing advertisers head to head to see who has the stronger ad strategy.

We will be featuring  two competing advertisers and comparing various factors such as…

  • Banner ads (creative, copy, split tests, etc.)
  • Media buying strategies (which ad networks, traffic sources, etc.)
  • Overall prevalence as an advertiser
  • Landing page strategy
  • In-App and mobile presence

For our first post of this series we will be comparing two highly prevalent competitors from the video streaming industry: Netflix vs Hulu …


Prevalence Score: 3077

Adstrength: 691,108 points

Ad placement: Running on strategypage.com for 400 days

Top Ad: 

Netflix Top Ad



Prevalence Score: 9,452

Adstrength: 3,867,427 points

Ad placement: Running on campblood.org for almost 2 years

Top ad:

Hulu Top Ad

After comparing these two advertisers, it’s clear that Hulu is the winner of this round!  Overall they held a much high prevalence score, which is one of our key metrics identifying the success of an advertiser. As well their top ad had more than 5 times the Adstrength score.


Have any suggestions for two advertising contenders you’d like to see analyzed? Feel free to nominate them in the comments or by tweeting @WhatRunsWhere.


2 thoughts on “Who Placed It Best? NEW Competitive Intelligence Series

  1. Robb

    Although I understand your rational on why Hulu is the winner, I don’t get why it has higher prevalence score: is it the CTA? is it because the ran for 2 years while Netflix was only 400 days? How your variables ponder CTR?

    1. Danielle Forget

      Great question, Rob.

      Our Prevalence Score is defined as “A key performance indicator that gives our users insight into the level of an advertiser’s presence on a specific publisher using a proprietary algorithm that integrates key identifiers of a successful placement. The prevalence score helps take the guess work out of uncovering where your competitors are finding success.” Factors such as (but not exclusive to) how long the ad has been running, how many times we have tracked the advertiser on a given publisher directly impacts the prevalence score.

      Therefore, Hulu’s higher score indicates that they seem to be finding much more success with their display and mobile campaigns.


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