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We all know higher engagement leads to stronger conversion rates and that is especially true as more and more consumers are turning to mobile devices to assist in their purchase decisions – as many as 4 in every 5 American smartphone users!

So how do you captivate your consumers in a world of short attention spans, banner blindness and shrinking screen spaces? Here are 5 ways to boost your mobile ad engagement and examples of companies that get it…

1) CPA, CPI and CTR are known important metrics for the web but when it comes to mobile, time spent should also be a strong indicator of engagement.  For example, did a user expand your video, swipe through to the next screen or share on social media?  A consumer is engaging with your brand if they are actively participating in the ad.

Red Bull and Pandora did an incredible job enlisting mobile and social advertising to launch their three new energy drink flavors.  When users clicked on a can, a flavor-specific branded Pandora radio station is launched.

2) Since ads are restricted to smaller screens and limited copy, find create ways to deliver a message through rich media such as videos and Twitter streams.

Ocean Spray used rich media to strengthen their mobile campaign by creating a fun expandable ad that “splashes on the screen”.  Users then have to wipe the screen to clean the juice off to see the message underneath.  Brilliant!

3) Drive sales and customer acquisition by offering time-sensitive promotions (ex. buy today and save 20%), digital rewards (download now and get an iTunes or Amazon credit) and contest or sweepstakes.

Vitaminwater leveraged SMS to deliver coupons to their customers and they were also automatically entered into a contest to win Live Nation concert tickets.

4) Use simple call-to-actions that can immediately and quickly be acted upon such as scanning a QR code or downloading an app.

7-Eleven placed a mobile call-to-action on Slurpee cups to get customers to download their app in exchange for coupons and offers.

5) Go local! According to Verve, location-based mobile ads perform better – up to twice the engagement rate of other types of ads.  Geo-aware ads deliver the highest CTR at 1%.

Lancome unveiled an art project that can only been seen by smartphone users who have downloaded an app and are standing in David Pecaut Square in Toronto.

Mobile advertising is changing the way brands communicate so understanding the dynamics between consumers and their mobile devices can help businesses create more compelling and responsive ads.  The key to engagement is offering something of value in creative and meaningful ways rather than just pushing content and commercialized messaging.



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