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5 Tips for Success in the Affiliate World

WhatRunsWhere was proud to be part of the 5th Annual Adsimilis Meetup that took place in Prague last week. This exclusive event brought together top affiliates for three days of high-level networking and discussion of new ways to grow affiliate businesses.

WhatRunsWhere CEO, Max Teitelbaum, led a session on the changes and challenges of display advertising in the affiliate marketing world. Max provided valuable insights and advice from his personal experience as an affiliate marketer. Here, we summarize his 5 key tips to display advertising success in the affiliate world. Read on to get Max’s exclusive insights!

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The 5th Annual Affiliate Meetup: Adsimilis

The 5th Annual Affiliate Meetup hosted by Adsimilis is taking place September 18th-20th in Prague. 

WhatRunsWhere is excited to attend the 5th Annual Adsimilis Meetup this September in beautiful Prague! This meetup will host affiliate marketers from around the globe and attendees will partake in high-level networking, learning and more, all at this visually stunning and rich historic site. Adsimilis is known for being one of the best affiliate networks in the digital space and this meetup is the premier event for affiliates to reunite with old friends and mingle with industry veterans.

We are proud to announce that our CEO Max Teitelbaum will be presenting on the Evolution of Display Advertising in Affiliate Marketing! The talk will discuss how the display advertising landscaped has changed throughout the years. It will provide helpful tips and explore how certain challenges and obstacles, including the 2008 Recession, changes in rules and regulations, as well as HTML5 and Native advertising, have affected affiliate marketers.

MJIf you’re planning your schedule ahead of time, why not book a one-on-one meeting with Max or Jordan Matheson, our Director of Business Development? Click here to book your meeting now.

See you there!