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[Infographic] Advertising Agencies: Past, Present, and Future

Are you currently using an advertising agency to execute part of your marketing strategy? Or maybe you’re in the process of hiring one? Have you considered what type of agency would be the best fit for your strategy? How do their capabilities extend into the digital advertising world to help truly engage with your audience?

WhatRunsWhere is taking a deep dive into the world of advertising agencies in a 3 part blog series. We’ll take you through the history of advertising agencies and discuss how digital technologies have changed the dynamics of this industry. With marketing technologies like WhatRunsWhere increasingly being used by digital marketers, we’ll also discuss how top tier agencies are using competitive intelligence to optimize their advertising strategy in the digital space.

Exactly what is an advertising agency?

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Introducing WhatRunsWear, an Exclusive Collection

We’re excited to announce the launch of WhatRunsWear, a fresh designer active wear clothing line that will reinvigorate your fitness fashion game. Starting in May, our men’s and women’s summer apparel collection will be available exclusively online.

From cross-fit and running gear, to dance attire and yoga pants (that you’ll wear everywhere because they’re THAT comfortable) – WhatRunsWear has all your fitness needs covered.

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The Native Ad Opportunity: Content Discovery Networks

In our recent posts, we gave a brief introduction to native advertising and broke down the three golden rules of a good native campaign. Create valuable, enriching, and non-disruptive content and viewers will click – those clicks will quickly turn into conversion.

But creating interesting content alone isn’t enough – you need to be able to get it in front of the right audience. This is where Content Discovery Networks come in.

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[Infographic] The State of E-Commerce in 2015

Online shopping continues to be one of the biggest driving forces of growth in the commercial world. What does this mean for advertisers?

You do it, I do it, we all do it – shop online, that is. Its quick, easy and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of lineups. Just click and go.

Online shopping’s accessibility may be the very reason why in 2015 worldwide e-commerce B2C sales is expected to reach $1.7 trillion dollars, and at the top of consumers’ shopping lists is clothing.

For marketers, we’re talking about changes in both ad spending budgets and strategies. To keep up with the dynamic digital ad landscape, we’ve re-examined the display ad strategies of the women’s fashion e-commerce industry. In the summer of 2014 we dove into the strategies of top advertisers: ModCloth, NastyGal, ASOS, and Lulu’s. This time we’re looking at how they’ve altered their strategies in an increasingly saturated market, just in time for spring 2015. Check out our infographic below!

The State of e-Commerce - 2015

The State of e-Commerce – 2015

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Going to MarTech SF? Connect With Us!

MarTech 2015 – the marketing tech conference that brings the world’s top marketing strategists and technologists together – is coming to San Francisco on March 31-April 1.

The team at WhatRunsWhere is excited to participate and jet off to the sun soaked coast for the show. We’ll be exhibiting and offering custom product demos at Booth 121 – come see the top competitive insights we have to offer!

Schedule a meeting with a member of our team by sending an email to David Kelly, our VP Business Development at: david@whatrunswhere.com. Or just drop by the booth, we’re happy to talk!

Prepare to learn about exciting new technologies and be inspired by the huge wealth of marketing and IT knowledge that will be showcased. Learn how to stay on top of the constantly changing marketing technology world and grow your own success.

We’ll see you there!


Winning the Digital Ad Game: 6 Tactics to Boost Your Advertising ROI

With the average banner click-through rate (CTR) falling around 0.1%, some people think display advertising has lost its effect.

But look at these stats from the U.K.:

  • Digital adspend grew £435 million in the first half of 2013.
  • Search is the top category, with 59% of the total.
  • Display has 23% of the total, making it the fastest growing category.
  • Banner ads take 44%.

In the U.S., growth is forecasted year over year through 2017, even taking into account the anticipated move from desktop to mobile:


Image Source

Clearly, the digital ad game is still in play.

And yes, banner blindness and low CTR are real problems that marketers must work through with every ad created, but it isn’t necessarily display advertising that’s causing the issue.

This one might sting a little, but the problem is more likely a lack of strategy. (Don’t fret. This article is here to help you out!)

Display advertising is one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness at the front end of your sales funnel. It helps strengthen brand recall and connect your brand to whatever your consumer is searching for.

For example, Intuit’s tax preparing software Turbotax has a number of text ads that come up when searching key terms such as ‘taxes,’ ‘do my own taxes,’ or ‘how to do my taxes.’

Take a look…


These ads are designed to align with the search terms plugged in by the user. The same context can be found with display ads by simply selecting other, more opportune ad placements. (More on that later.)

Display and text adverting is a very powerful way to drive traffic and strengthen your brand. However what works for one brand or industry, doesn’t always work for others.

Just like any other form of marketing, it takes research, data, and testing to figure out how display advertising can help your business.

Start building your highly effective customized display and text advertising strategy by using these 6 key tactics…

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6 Powerful Online Marketing Infographics

Prepare yourself!  You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

We’ve compiled our past infographics and squeezed them all into one post.  From top ads, to 2014 trends, tips to improve your real-time bidding strategy, to everything you need to know about mobile marketing.  These 6 powerful online marketing infographics tell and show all.

Mobile Advertising: From Clicks To Taps [View Post]


Online Marketing Infographic


Top Display Ads of 2013 [View Post]


Top Ads 2013|

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Competitive Advertising: The 4 W’s


Try to imagine a world without businesses competing with each other.  It’s pretty difficult.

If there were no competition the whole notion of customer being King would cease to exist. Businesses wouldn’t have to provide winning customer service, competitive pricing, or anything else to ‘win’ you over as a loyal customer.

Chances are that if you have a product or service that sells, someone else is trying to sell it too.  On top of that, they are probably competing with your price, the services you offer, and are essentially gearing up to sell it better than you.

What do you do when this happens? Since you wouldn’t dare let them steal your clients, you compete right back with a winning competitive advertising strategy.

Competitive Advertising: Promotional technique in which an advertiser claims the superiority of its product over competing product(s) by direct or indirect comparison. If other products are mentioned by their name (and not as ‘brand X,’ ‘brand Y,’ etc.) the owners of those brands may challenge the fairness of the comparison in a court. Also called comparative advertising or comparison advertising.  Source

Competitive advertising is nothing new.  Back when newspapers were the predominate way to advertise, businesses would clip the articles of their competitors and strategize how they could do it better.

Now that so much advertising takes place online, it has become vital for businesses to monitor their competition’s online advertising presence.

With a little bit of research and some help from the WRW platform you can gain all kinds of insights on your competitors.

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