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NEW PARTNERSHIP: WhatRunsWhere & OfferVault


WhatRunsWhere is excited to announce a new partnership with leading Affiliate Marketing aggregator, OfferVault

Does your ad strategy thrive off the data you access from WhatRunsWhere? Do you wish you could take this data with you when searching for new offers?

You’re in luck! Thanks to our new partnership, you can now find the hottest affiliate offers and gain insights into how other advertisers are promoting them. Head to OfferVault to determine which offer is best for you, and access a sample of valuable data from WhatRunsWhere for each offer listed.

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3 Holiday Tips To Ensure Your Affiliate Marketing Success


You’ve worked hard all year on your affiliate marketing – searching for hot offers, promoting new deals. There’s just one last holiday stretch to get through before you can sign off, catch up on some sleep, and start it all again in the new year.

The holidays can be a digital gold mine for affiliates looking to boost commissions. Consumers are eager to buy, and conduct a lot of research online to find the perfect gifts (in fact, this season is expected to account for about 27 percent of the total U.S. annual online sales).

It’s now up to you to reach out to these credit card-equipped shoppers and show them the top products for this holiday season.

Not sure where to start? Why not try these 3 ways to make this Affiliate Marketing season a merry one!

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5 Ways To Increase Success After Your First Affiliate Campaign


You’ve broken into the Affiliate pool and have forged some valuable relationships with advertisers in your niche. Your website’s SEO has been maintaining a good standing, and your affiliate links have been clicked. Your work is done!

…Just kidding.

Yes, success in affiliate marketing is extremely gratifying, but try to avoid getting stuck in a plateau.

Constantly re-evaluating and improving on your efforts will ensure the advertiser gets increased conversions… and you get increased commissions. Win win?

Here are 5 Ways To Increase Success After Your First Affiliate Campaign…

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The Top 5 Affiliate Forums


Two weeks ago we asked for your help with picking out the Top Affiliate Forums, and you guys fought for your favorites.

Some earned their place by a landslide while others were only known by a select few. Whoever you did or didn’t vote for, we hope you have found some new places to network and get caught up with industry news and tips.

Drumroll please! Here are the Top 5 Affiliate Forums (as voted by you)!

StackThatMoney | http://stackthatmoney.com/

Aff Playbook | http://www.affplaybook.com/index.html

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Vote For Your Favorite Affiliate Forums!


Forums are very important in the world of affiliate marketing. As a noob, it’s comforting to have a community to turn to.  But even well versed affiliate veterans will go to forums for advice, networking or simply for water cooler talk.

After receiving so much candid feedback from our ‘Top Affiliate Blogs’ post over who should and shouldn’t have made the list, we decided that this time around we’d let you guys be the judge!

To help get the ball rolling, here are some of the top affiliate forums we’ve come across…

AffiliateFix | http://www.affiliatefix.com/

Warrior Forum | http://www.warriorforum.com/

WickedFire | http://www.wickedfire.com/

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WhatRunsWhere @ ASE14 / LeadsCon New York!

LeadsCon ASE 2014


The WhatRunsWhere spies are taking over The Big Apple!


On August 10-12, our VP of Business Development, David Kelly and Account Executive, Jordan Matheson will be exhibiting and offering product demos at Affiliate Summit East (Booth T811).

Mark your calendars –> our COO, Max Teitelbaum will be presenting on Aug 12 @ 2pm in the Astor Ballroom alongside Lori Weiman from The Search Monitor.

They’ll show you “How To Beat the Competition With The Right Intelligence Tools”.  Learn how merchants can provide affiliates with the same competitive intelligence smarts that top marketers deploy on paid / organic search and display ads, plus the impact of PLA’s on affiliate page rank.

Meanwhile over at LeadsCon (Booth #514)…

On Aug 14 -15, our awesome Sales Team: Conrad Bach and Jonathan Marmor will be giving you a sneak peek at what your competitors are up to and how you can crush their display + mobile strategies.

Let’s Connect!

Don’t forget to follow @whatrunswhere and join in on the Twitter conversation as our VP of Marketing, Wendy will be live Tweeting at these shows!


Meet The Media Buyer: Geoff Marcy of Adfluent Media


Next up in our Meet The Media Buyer series, we talk to Geofferson Marcy, Co-Founder of Adfluent Media.  With almost a decade of online marketing experience under his black belt, Geoff has a passion for launching world class affiliate programs and helping innovative, disruptive businesses acquire new customers.

When he unplugs, he loves to sweat it out by long distance running and plotting the next globe-trotting adventure with his adorable new son.

1) What makes Adfluent Media “fluent” when it comes to helping Advertisers grow their customers?

We’re fluent because our philosophy is to “always do the right thing.” It seemed like an obvious way to go, but I’ve learned that in business it’s not always the norm.  We focus everyday on building a solid reputation in the performance marketing arena.  That makes it easy to attract the right partners custom to each campaign. We are able to quickly get to “How can we work together?” instead of “Why should we work together?”.

In the typical affiliate network model, affiliates scrap it out for top payouts, lead allocation, traffic sources and budget.  Consequently an offer might have hundreds of affiliates overlapping in execution, which doesn’t benefit the advertiser or the publisher.

We select a handful of partners on an invite-only basis based on a trusted business (and often personal) relationship.  Then we assign small, but highly specialized teams to each campaign with a focus on the most opportunistic channels. The net effect is high volume acquisition potential and increased transparency, without any headaches due to violations.

2) As a lean agency, how do you identify the best opportunities for media buyers you work with?

We have to be super selective in who we work with, but it serves everyone involved well.  Learning to say “No” if you can’t commit in full force is an art, but required for success.

Doing the upfront due diligence to make sure the advertiser has a sustainable business model, is ready to scale, well funded and has an ambitious long term plan helps to ensure campaigns we create go the distance. There is no value for setting up a campaign, start generating acquisitions, achieving profit – only to find out there is an unsustainable element.

We also make sure there won’t be issues with transparency and resistance to feedback.  By working closely with our merchants, often we can share behind the scenes intel with our media buyers to accelerate the optimization process. We look at our yield over a longer time horizon than other networks; as an example; two of our clients have been active with us for over 3 years. As a media buyer, think about the optimization that can be done in that amount of time with so much insight.

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Join Our Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program

Love the competitive intelligence you get with WhatRunsWhere? Why not spread the good word and make a huge commission while you’re at it?

We offer our affiliates an amazing 20% commission on all referrals.

How to join the program?

It’s easy.  We’ve streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure that it is both user friendly and extremely accurate at tracking sales. We use Hasoffers!

  • Signup HERE
  • Upon approval as an affiliate, you will get access to your own  panel where you can grab unique links, banner ads, and track your progress to see how much commission you’re driving in.

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