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To Click Or Not To Click: 3 Tips To Get The Conversion


You did it! You caught the viewer’s attention. This is half the battle in a world jam-packed with advertising. But even though the viewer is now paying attention to you, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a sale – let alone even a click for that matter.

This is the tricky part: making sure your ad strategy will encourage consumers to take action, and not forget about your brand. According to ComScore, the average Internet user is served 1,707 banner ads per month. Even if the consumer notices one in particular, it is likely that they won’t take any action and may never think about the ad again.  So then what?

By using these 3 tips to get the conversion, your viewer will know exactly what to do… and they’ll actually do it!

1. Make Sure Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Is Clear And Direct

You know when your boss gives you 5 things to do at once, how you always forget at least 3 of the 5? Well, it’s the same for ads. Heavy ad copy leads to confusion. Pick one key message and one clear CTA and stick to it! If there’s only one thing to do, it’s much more likely it’ll actually be done.


2. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

In the digital age, people do their research. With so many review sites and comparisons readily available, it’s not too common that people see an ad and immediately buy the product without checking up on the product competitors first. Or even when they first see your ad, if it’s too similar to your competition, later on when they go to buy the product they may think of your competition before you Continue reading


Pre-Game Campaigns: Super Bowl XLVIII

pre game campaigns

Much like for football fans, Super Bowl has become an incredibly competitive day for marketers in all industries. From food, to cars, to electronics, you name it. Super Bowl brings in a colossal audience each year. And it is not just football fans that are tuning in.

In 2013, over 108 million Americans watched Super Bowl XLVII. That’s more than a third of the population.

Super Bowl Sunday is a much-anticipated annual event. With so many people following game day traditions, it is only natural that marketers began to follow suit.

This year AdWeek has assigned a ‘Special Coverage’ section covering all the news on ‘The Big Game 2014‘’. In this feed, you will not find coverage on the game itself, but rather the advertising that surrounds it.

Marketing Land also incorporated some Super Bowl advertising coverage onto their site with their ‘#Hashtag Bowl’. This page will offer a live hashtag scoreboard during the game in order to illustrate which social media channels are being used by the ads to drive engagement. The page description goes as far as to call the Super Bowl ‘America’s premier marketing event’.

During 2011’s game, Audi released the first TV commercial to ever feature a hashtag during the Super Bowl. The following year 10% of Super Bowl ads included a hashtag. Continue reading


Top Blog Posts from 2013

The best way to start the New Year is by reviewing last year’s best lessons!

Here is a compilation of our Top Blog Posts from 2013…Top Blog Posts from 2013

8. Split-Testing Tips for Banner Ads

Have you ever felt like you wasted your time or money building a campaign that flopped? Don’t give up just yet! Find out how you can accurately split-testing different elements to improve your campaign success…

7. 5 tips for creating a spectacular mobile ad campaign

If you haven’t started taking advantage of mobile advertising, 2014 is the year to start! Here are 5 must-follow tips for making a successful mobile ad campaign…

6. How To Use Big Data For Your Online Marketing Strategy

One off the biggest marketing buzzwords from 2013 was “Big Data”. Here are 5 simple tips to help you figure out how to take all these raw numbers and turn them into something useful…

5. Ads that Actually Work: Looking at AT&T

Some of the best marketing advice ever shared: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Even a huge company like AT&T knows that it’s best to go with what works. Check out their top performing display ads to gain inspiration for your own campaigns…
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Tips & Tricks From Top Banner Ads

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Using our highly intelligent display and mobile tools, we’ve captured the top performing banner ads and shared our tips on what makes them click-worthy.  Hopefully you’ll gain some creative inspiration and discover what your competition is up to by advertiser, keyword or niche and what’s working for them!  

Top Mobile Ads

Everyone is getting on mobile but one of the biggest design mistakes is simply shrinking ads to fit smaller screens.  Well designed in-app and mobile ads adopt the “less is more” approach.  (Click here to see examples and how these advertisers made the transition from clicks to taps.)

The best performing ads in dating.

Dating is a very competitive vertical.  Polished ads with professional stock images don’t always get the clicks but try using amateur photos, localization and a strong call to action.  (Click here to see examples and details of top performing ads in dating.)

Halloween is no longer for kids. Advertisers are not afraid of spending money on seasonal ads. Here are some brands with top performing display ads.

Halloween is no longer for kids. Advertisers are not afraid of spending money on seasonal ads. (Click here to see how these brands got creative and became top performing ads).

See more Boards and learn how our display and mobile tools can work to help you get ahead of your competition, enhance your online marketing strategy and maximize your media buying budget.

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5 Tips For Creating A Spectacular Mobile Ad Campaign


Did you know that by 2014, mobile internet consumption is expected to surpass desktop usage ? What’s more, mobile advertising revenue has skyrocketed from $0.7 billion in 2008 to $12 billion by 2011.

As mobile usage continues to soar, it is crucial for companies to capture this growing segment of consumers by producing specialized mobile marketing campaigns. While good design practices still apply, it’s not enough to simply copy and paste ads from desktop to mobile – you’ll miss out on the distinctive capabilities of mobile and lose the impact of your content.

Here are 5 recommendations to consider when creating a mobile campaign.

1) Use location services to connect with users.


With over 770 million GPS-enabled smartphones worldwide, advertisers are now able to reach scores of customers through location-based content. Recently published data shows that locally-targeted mobile display ads provide click-through rates more than double the industry average.

For example, Best Western ran a campaign that featured hotels in the user’s area and allowed visitors to book last-minute rooms straight from their phone. Ads were delivered to customers found within a certain radius of their own hotels and even their competitors’ locations.

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Split-Testing Tips for Banner Ads

A/B Split Testing

A lot of advertisers write off a campaign as a failure after creating a handful of ads that don’t deliver the CTR or conversions they want. Before you give up on those campaigns, have you tried A/B split testing your ads? This means testing different variables on your ads to determine which performs better.

A successful split test consists of changing one variable at a time. There are many elements that can be tested but here are my top 4 recommendations:

The Header – changing even one word in your headline can have a significant impact on your overall conversion rate. For example, does asking a question yield better results or stating a fact/feature about your product?

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