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4 Ways to Get More Ad Clicks

Spend on display advertising in the US is expected to surpass search ad spending for the first time this year. If banner ads are part of your online strategy, we want to help you make the most of your investment. We’ve outlined four quick tips that will help you get more ad clicks this year and beyond.

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Choosing a Publisher for Your Display Ads

If you’re a digital marketer, you’re no stranger to choosing a publisher for your direct media buys. At first, it seems easy: Find available inventory on a reputable publisher that you can afford. But there’s so much more to consider when choosing a publisher to host your ads.

How do you know where to place your ads? What publishers are going to give you the best bang for your buck? And what makes a ‘good’ publisher? Below, we’ve outlined important questions to consider when choosing the right publisher for your ads:

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competitive intelligence

Leveraging Data to Maximize Media Buying Efforts

Competitive intelligence is the secret weapon to taking control of your business’ online marketing strategy. The more you know about your competitors, the better. Where are your biggest competitors advertising online? What traffic sources are they using? What offers are they running? Which of their ads are performing best? These are all important questions to consider when developing your own advertising plans.

In today’s digital age, having a competitive advantage is more important than ever. Our data helps you craft more efficient, creative marketing strategies to grow your brand more effectively. All of which results in a positive jolt for both your CTR and overall ROI.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Max Teitelbaum, talked to HostingAdvice.com to discuss the importance of competitive analysis in business, its significance for site owners, and how our technology is better equipped to help digital marketers leverage more data without spending an arm and a leg.

The interview takes you behind the scenes of WhatRunsWhere, explaining how you can leverage our data to help you make more informed media-buying decisions.

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Meet Our Team at Affiliate Summit West 2016

The new year is just around the corner and so is Affiliate Summit West! For more than 10 years, this conference has brought together affiliate marketers from around the world to provide educational sessions on current industry trends. WhatRunsWhere is excited to announce that our team will be in Las Vegas from January 10th to January 12th  for ASW. Connect with our team at the Meet Market, during the Trade Show or find out how to book a one-on-one meeting below!

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Meet the Media Buyers: Igor Belogolovsky and Josh Krafchin

In this installment of Meet the Media Buyers, we talked to the founders of Clever Zebo, Igor Belogolovsky and Josh Krafchin. Clever Zebo is made up of online marketing strategy experts that focus on perfecting conversion paths with A/B testing and optimizing advertising efforts as a result. You can think of them as an exceptionally awesome extension to your marketing team that is sure to bring positive results to your campaigns.

We were thrilled to interview the founders of Clever Zebo, in order to bring you exclusive advice from their experience as digital marketers. Both Josh and Igor are extremely passionate about driving business and website growth through optimization, with a particular interest in A/B testing and conversion rates.

Today, we’re sharing exclusive insights from these media buying experts including what has brought them success in the industry, the latest trends they’ve noticed and why digital marketers should capitalize on them now.

Read on to hear from these experts!

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Meet the Media Buyer: Alex Omelianovych

In our latest installment of Meet the Media Buyer, we had the chance to talk to Alex Omelianovych, COO of AdsBridge, to get his perspective on finding success in the affiliate world. 

Omelianovych founded AdsBridge in 2012, a platform used by affiliates to effectively track campaigns and design optimized landing pages, after coming to the conclusion that affiliates were missing an important tool in their stack that was necessary to build successful campaigns.

We’re eager to hear about Omelianovych’s experience in the affiliate marketing industry, learn about current trends he deems as profitable opportunities and find out what it takes to build an optimized affiliate campaign.

Read on for our exclusive interview!

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[Exclusive Interview] Developing Your Business Strategy with Competitive Intelligence

What’s informing your business strategy? With the massive amount of data available at our fingertips today, it’s easier than ever to access information about your target audience, business environment, and, most importantly, your competitors. Data helps inform not only your buying strategy but your overall business strategy as well. 

More specifically, competitive intelligence data provides you with the insights you need to make well-informed business decisions and repositioning. Recently our Director of Marketing, Jenny Duong, was interviewed by ReachForce to provide insights on how to develop a business strategy using competitive intelligence.  Below you can find a summary of her perspective on how to effectively use competitive intelligence to develop a strong business strategy in the digital world.

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Connect With Us At dmexco!

The Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference (dmexco) is fast approaching! WhatRunsWhere will be attending the conference that brings together the global digital economy on September 16th and 17th in Cologne, Germany.

This year at demxco, WhatRunsWhere will be rubbing shoulders with more than 500 expert speakers and 32,000 trade visitors (from over 100 countries). We’re very excited to be exhibiting at this premier global digital marketing event that brings together innovative businesses to share learnings on new business models and industry trends. With over 200 hours of conference programming, there is much to learn. 

If you are heading to Germany for this exciting conference, be sure to connect with our team. WhatRunsWhere’s CEO and Co-Founder, Max Teitelbaum, and Director of Business Development, Jordan Matheson, will be available to discuss how competitive intelligence is disrupting and changing the way we strategize media buying in the digital age.


Feel free to book a one-on-one meeting with either Jordan or Max by emailing sales@whatrunswhere.com.

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Let’s GO to dmexco!