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Is Humour an Effective Strategy on Social Media?

I recently explored the social media strategies of top brands that are using humour at the forefront of their content strategies to determine if it’s an effective way to build a strong social presence and following.

The results?

Companies that strategically incorporate humour into their strategies to resonate with a specific target market, re-position their brand or stand out from the competition  have gained large social followings and a captive, engaged audience. Why is this important? Attracting followers on social media, particularly ones that are actively engaged, gives you access to consumers that want to see your content; making them strong, qualified leads.

By finding ways to relate products to trending topics, viral content, and punny memes, the following brands have made valuable connections with audiences while clearly communicating their brand personality.

Check out how these top brands are creating some major buzz with humour below:

White Castle jumped on the opportunity to promote their beef products after recent Twitter feuds broke out between Meek Mill vs. Drake and Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj. Feuds, I should mention, that garnered a lot of attention on social media.

1 White Castle Image 1(Source: White Castle Twitter)

Clorox uses a humorous social media strategy to bring their bleach products to life. They tap into trending hashtags like #WineWednesday to drive home the use of their products.

3 Clorox Image 3(Source: Clorox Twitter)

We’ve also seen humorous brand content become viral sensations; giving companies some major digital exposure. One example of this is Clash of ClansRevenge commercial that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The ad spoofed Liam Neeson’s notorious Taken character, which evidently caused a viral laughing fit as the Youtube video garnered more than one million shares and 75 million views.

7 Nissan Image 7

Finally, brands like Taco Bell have used humour in social media to tap into a lucrative, digitally active target market; millennials. Their Instagram content is flooded with user generated content and generationally targetted taglines and trends.

   10 Tacobell Image 10   11 Taco Bell Image 11
    (Taco Bell playing off popular millennial phrase ‘hot mess’)        (Taco Bell using emoticons to communicate brand message)

So what’s the recipe to success when it comes to using humour in social media for these brands? After my analysis, I summarized their success stories into 4 Reasons Why Humour Works on Social Media.

Read the full article here so you can understand why humour works for these brands and what you can learn if you’re considering injecting humour into your social content.


5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

As a startup, you’re always eager to find creative ways to shake up the status quo. But your primary concern is figuring out the best (and most cost-effective) way of growing your business. Between determining the next best market to tap into and deciding on where to set up your ping pong table, you’re always looking for ways to drive growth. How you market your business can make or break the success of your company.

You know that advertising is a critical component for success, but your resources are limited. So how do you get your startup in front of as many eyes as possible without the budget that your established competitors have to work with? Don’t fret – we’ve narrowed down 5 helpful tips startups can use to start driving growth for their business now.

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The Native Ad Opportunity: The Do’s and Don’ts of Strategy

In our series, the Native Ad Opportunity, we’ve talked a great deal about the benefits of native advertising and the importance of Content Discovery Networks. By now we should be in agreement: native advertising has and will continue to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape.

In fact according to Patrick Albano, Head of Solutions EMEA at Yahoo, we’re seeing “a renaissance underway in digital advertising that is driving brands, publishers and consumers to communicate with each other in more personal and natural ways.” He adds, “Native advertising is an important piece of this evolution.”

To help you figure out how to best position yourself and start incorporating native ads into your media buying, we’ve compiled a list of what to do and what not to do when it comes to your native advertising strategy.

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Introducing WhatRunsWear, an Exclusive Collection

We’re excited to announce the launch of WhatRunsWear, a fresh designer active wear clothing line that will reinvigorate your fitness fashion game. Starting in May, our men’s and women’s summer apparel collection will be available exclusively online.

From cross-fit and running gear, to dance attire and yoga pants (that you’ll wear everywhere because they’re THAT comfortable) – WhatRunsWear has all your fitness needs covered.

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The Native Ad Opportunity: Content Discovery Networks

In our recent posts, we gave a brief introduction to native advertising and broke down the three golden rules of a good native campaign. Create valuable, enriching, and non-disruptive content and viewers will click – those clicks will quickly turn into conversion.

But creating interesting content alone isn’t enough – you need to be able to get it in front of the right audience. This is where Content Discovery Networks come in.

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4 Tips for Gearing Up Your Advertising for Holiday Season

4 tips holidays ads

December is fast approaching and once again, it’s that most wonderful time of the year.

As you know, the holiday season is a critical time for most businesses and their marketing strategy.  Small to medium sized retailers can see up to 40% of their annual sales come through the last two months of the year.

With consumers giving their wallets a workout, it’s up to your business to stay on their minds when it comes time to buy.

This year holiday spending is expected to jump 11%! What will you be doing this holiday season to drive up your sales?

Just in case you’re scratching your head, here are 4 must-try-tips for boosting your holiday advertising this season…

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Excuse me, Where’s the Context? – Get the Most out of Context Marketing


In a world where content is everywhere, context has become everything.

Marketers have been making the move from content to context marketing for quite some time. And with today’s technology evolving all the time, there are countless clever context pushing techniques that you simply must be using now!

What is ‘Context Marketing’?

Rather then aimlessly pushing any and all content to as many people as you can, context marketing cuts the fat. It is the practice of using what you know about your target customer to strengthen your marketing, so that you can deliver “the right content, to the right people, at the right time.”

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4 Tips for Nurturing Your Leads to Conversion

4 Tips for Nurturing Your Leads to Conversion

Lead nurturing is that critical stage after lead generation when you build up a relationship with prospects and prepare them for the possibility of a future sale. By delivering consistent content to your leads, you can encourage them to start thinking about your product niche when considering their own business plans.

Fact is, lead generation can be expensive, so you definitely don’t want to waste any promising opportunities. A recent report showed that organizations that nurture their leads see a 45% increase in lead generation ROI over organizations that do not.

Here are 4 tactics to nurture your hard-won leads to conversion.

1) Act quickly

Lead Nurturing - Act Quickly

Lead nurturing should begin immediately after you’ve collected someone’s contact info. Surprisingly enough, a lot of companies let leads go cold simply because they neglect to follow-up in a timely manner.

Set up an auto-responder so that, at the very least, you have taken some steps to engage with the prospect. Use this time to thank them for signing up, and provide links to some of your most popular materials and social platforms. After this step, remember to consistently engage your customers so they won’t forget about you.

Sometimes, it’s appropriate to call a lead right away: perhaps they’ve submitted their info through a contact page, or maybe they’ve indicated that they wish to speak with a salesperson as soon as possible. If this is the case, be sure to get in touch with the lead as soon as possible.

A study by InsideSales.com showed that the odds of reaching a lead are 100 times higher if called within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes of submitting their contact info. Similarly, a lead is 21 times more likely to enter the sales cycle if called within the earlier time interval.

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