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6 Fast & Easy Ways To Boost Your Adwords CTR

CTRIncreasing your CTR shouldn’t be rocket science, a few small tweaks here and there typically does the trick.  Here are my six fast and easy ways (each one can be done under 5 minutes) to help you lower your costs while optimizing your Adwords campaigns.  Ready, set, prepare for liftoff…


1) Use Ad Extensions

Enhance your ads by using extensions.  You can include additional information about your business like your location, phone number, product, sitelinks and social (which associates with your Goolge+ page).   There is no cost to implement this and Google reports that ad extensions can increase CTR by about 30%!


2) Create A Relevant Display URL

This takes seconds to do and is often forgotten.  The display URL can be different than your destination URL as long as it is within 35 characters so chose your words wisely to market your product.  Use uppercase for the first letter of each word so it clearly stands out.  For example: www.SanFranciscoMovers.com


3) Have Catchy Headers

Unless you are offering some blowout deal, I don’t recommend including the price in the ad.  Instead mention the discount “save $20″  or a bonus offer such as “free delivery” or “buy-one-get-one -free”.  If a special event or holiday is coming up, mention it in your headline.

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