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4 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages Now

You’ve determined your target audience, established a business objective, created your ad, designed your landing page and set your campaign live. BUT the conversions aren’t coming in. What should you do? First off, don’t panic! The beauty of the digital world is that you can easily make changes to your campaigns even when they’re already live. In fact, you should constantly be viewing your campaign analytics to identify pain points where optimizations can be made to improve your results.  While it’s critical to optimize every element of your ad campaign, this article will hone in on where the conversions actually happen: the landing page.

Regardless of what stage your campaign is in, try implementing these four optimization tactics and watch those conversions roll in.

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3 Ways To Boost ROI This Year

Our team kicked off the new year by attending Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. The conference brought together thousands of professionals from the online marketing world to discuss the latest trends and learn from experts in the industry. With an exciting new year of opportunities ahead, the conference was buzzing with insightful discussions on how to find success. One subject that is always top of mind at conferences is how to boost ROI to make campaigns more profitable. As always, we were eager to join in on this important conversation. Drawing on the educational sessions from ASW 2016, we’re breaking down three ways to boost ROI for your online campaigns.

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DSPs & DMPs: What Digital Marketers Need to Know

We recently explored major trends digital marketers need to master in 2016. Not surprisingly, programmatic was at the top of that list. If you are in the industry, you know this advertising technology is growing rapidly in terms of ad spend and platforms used to execute it. US programmatic ad spend topped $10 billion in 2015 and is expected to double in 2016! While it’s clear programmatic spend isn’t slowing down anytime soon, the terminology around it may still be confusing. DSP, DMP, RTB, SSP, the list goes on and on. If you’re looking for some clarification around the many different elements that make up programmatic, we’ve got the answers below!

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Weighing in on Wearables

Were wearables on your holiday shopping list this year? Perhaps it was a purchase to kick off your New Year resolution of getting into shape? Even if it wasn’t on your wish list, there were 13.5 million health and fitness trackers sold last year, making it a booming industry, with numerous brands competing for spot on your wrist.

Major players making up the $700 million wearables industry include Fitbit, Jawbone and Basis.   So what made them such a hot commodity this holiday season? First, it’s a trendy gift to get for a family member, friend or maybe even yourself. Second, for those looking to kick off their New Year with some healthy resolutions, fitness wearables can help consumers get on track.

Now that everyone is settled into the New Year, we were eager to find out what kind of consumers top wearable brands were targeting over the holidays. Were brands interested in driving sales through holiday gift shoppers? Or did they see an opportunity to target the ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutioners? Find out below!

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Driving Holiday Sales Through Native Advertising

The holiday season is in full swing, which means brands are going head to head to compete for the attention of consumers through numerous advertising channels. With over 50% of shoppers planning to do their holiday buying online this year, there is no doubt that the digital channel is a major priority. Especially since brands can build digital holiday campaigns to drive online sales and in-store traffic.

One of the major digital trends being used to serve holiday campaigns this year is native advertising as brands can reach audiences in an unobtrusive way. These days, consumers are eager to learn about products through content and with native advertising, advertisers can reach audiences with creatives that seamlessly blend in with content being browsed on sites.

With brands under pressure to drive sales during the holiday season, WhatRunsWhere decided to investigate the online strategies of four major department stores, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and JCPenney. Eager to find out whose holiday campaigns are capitalizing on native advertising and whose missing out on a lucrative opportunity to drive sales? Get the answers below!

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3 Ways to Leverage HTML5 Now

At our recent Affiliate Marketing Meetup, WhatRunsWhere Co-Founder and CEO Max Teitelbaum led a session on three lucrative trends in the digital marketing landscape: native advertising, mobile and HTML5. With technology changing so rapidly, it’s important for online marketers to stay informed on current trends and understand how to optimize them in their strategies.

His discussion around native advertising highlighted the rapid growth this channel has experienced – revenue is expected to surpass $7 billion this year. Although it is growing like crazy, native advertising is still relatively new, so marketers are actively finding innovative ways to build high converting ads in this format.

When it comes to mobile, there is no doubt that marketers need to be investing in this space. Max explained the best way to optimize ads in this channel is to leverage the small real estate with simple messages and easily clickable designs.

Finally, he touched on the power of HTML5. This past year, the adoption of HTML5 has gone into overdrive – Amazon, Facebook, Google and YouTube all transitioned from Adobe Flash to HTML5. So what makes this ad type so powerful? First, it gives marketers the ability to build ads like never before and second, it makes omni-channel marketing efforts more seamless. Given all the buzz around HTML5 this year, we wanted to further explore the trend by interviewing an expert on the topic to help you understand how to leverage it .

Ready to take a deep dive into the world of HTML5 and discover the 3 Ways to Leverage HTML5 Now? Check out our exclusive interview with Rob Cromer from Adcade; a unique creative technology company that builds solutions for HTML5 ad building. We explored everything from why 2015 has been a pivotal time for HTML5, the possible challenges you may face with this ad format and what you can achieve with it. Get the insights below.

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Meet the Media Buyers: Igor Belogolovsky and Josh Krafchin

In this installment of Meet the Media Buyers, we talked to the founders of Clever Zebo, Igor Belogolovsky and Josh Krafchin. Clever Zebo is made up of online marketing strategy experts that focus on perfecting conversion paths with A/B testing and optimizing advertising efforts as a result. You can think of them as an exceptionally awesome extension to your marketing team that is sure to bring positive results to your campaigns.

We were thrilled to interview the founders of Clever Zebo, in order to bring you exclusive advice from their experience as digital marketers. Both Josh and Igor are extremely passionate about driving business and website growth through optimization, with a particular interest in A/B testing and conversion rates.

Today, we’re sharing exclusive insights from these media buying experts including what has brought them success in the industry, the latest trends they’ve noticed and why digital marketers should capitalize on them now.

Read on to hear from these experts!

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WhatRunsWhere Affiliate Marketing Meetup Toronto

On November 19th, WhatRunsWhere proudly hosted it’s very first Affiliate Marketing Meetup at our Toronto office. We welcomed Toronto’s diverse online marketing community which included affiliates, advertisers, and ad techsIt was a successful night of high-impact learning, networking, tasty cocktails and awesome food.


Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Meetup Toronto!

More than 50 members of Toronto’s online marketing community joined us for a packed house! They had the chance to hear from Co-Founder and CEO of WhatRunsWhere,  Max Teitelbaum. and Chief Innovation Officer of Jumbleberry, Steve Jukes.

Max kicked off the presentations with a discussion on how to use competitive intelligence to build winning affiliate campaigns. He emphasized the importance of capitalizing on current industry trends including Native ads, HTML5 and mobile advertising. Drawing on his personal experience as an affiliate, prior to WhatRunsWhere, attendees were able to get expert advice on what it takes to be a successful performance marketer.

Affiliate Meetup

Max Teitelbaum, Co-Founder and CEO of WhatRunsWhere, discussing current affiliate marketing trends

We were also proud to welcome Steve Jukes, CIO of Jumbleberry, who led an informative session on keys to success in the affiliate world. This included finding a competitive edge that will drive success and understanding any biases that could affect your campaign success.

affiliate meetup

Steve Jukes, CIO of Jumbleberry, discussing keys to success in affiliate marketing

We were thrilled to be able to bring together such a talented group of people from our local community.  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to make this Meetup a true success! Stay tuned for our next event.


Thank you to all the attendees who made the night a huge success! – WhatRunsWhere Team