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Update: We’ve Added More Native Ad Networks!

After recently announcing an expansion in our Native networks coverage, we are excited to share with you that we have increased our coverage once again! We now cover data from TripleLift, AdsNative, Sharethrough and Hexagram.

This brings our total Native ad network coverage to 17. What does this mean for you? More data from top Native networks, and more opportunities to uncover insights on your competitor’s Native advertising strategies.

Get introduced to the new networks below!

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How to Draft a Winning Fantasy Football Ad Strategy

When it comes to fantasy football there is no doubt that a winning strategy requires a dedicated mind that leverages insights, does research and of course, learnings from the strategies of other fantasy football leaguers.

The same goes for building a winning display ad strategy in the fantasy football niche. Lucky for you, building a confident plan of action, requires going no further than our newest industry report on the fantasy football advertising landscape! With insights on three major players in the niche – DraftKings, FanDuel and NFL Fantasy – we put you in the ultimate draft pick position. So keep reading if you’re ready to set your winning fantasy football display ad lineup.

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Meet us at ad:tech New York!

WhatRunsWhere is excited to attend the upcoming ad:tech New York taking place November 4th & 5th. As one of the largest conferences for digital marketers, ad:tech welcomes thousands of professionals from global agencies, brands, publishers, and ad technology platforms.  

So what are we looking forward to most at this action-packed conference?

  • Hearing from major players in the digital game including American Express, Facebook, AMC Networks and Hulu (to mention a few)
  • Getting exclusive insights from industry leaders including Laura Olin, President Obama’s 2012 campaign social media director, Jeremey Levine, SVP of Digital Sales at Live Nation and John Costello, President of Global Marketing and Innovation Dunkin’ Brands Inc.
  • Checking out ad:tech’s newest feature on the Expo floor, the ad:tech International Pavilions, where countries with emerging startup scenes will be featured
  • And of course, having the opportunity to connect with all of the passionate attendees (like you!)

Who will you meet from our team?

Jordan and Alex will be in the big apple for the upcoming conference and are eager to discuss how critical competitive intelligence is for anyone in the digital eco-system. Be sure to stop by Booth 501 in the Expo Hall to get a demo of WhatRunsWhere.

Or, if you’re planning your ad:tech NY agenda ahead of time, you organize a one-on-one meeting with Jordan or Alex by scheduling an appointment here.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Is Humour an Effective Strategy on Social Media?

I recently explored the social media strategies of top brands that are using humour at the forefront of their content strategies to determine if it’s an effective way to build a strong social presence and following.

The results?

Companies that strategically incorporate humour into their strategies to resonate with a specific target market, re-position their brand or stand out from the competition  have gained large social followings and a captive, engaged audience. Why is this important? Attracting followers on social media, particularly ones that are actively engaged, gives you access to consumers that want to see your content; making them strong, qualified leads.

By finding ways to relate products to trending topics, viral content, and punny memes, the following brands have made valuable connections with audiences while clearly communicating their brand personality.

Check out how these top brands are creating some major buzz with humour below:

White Castle jumped on the opportunity to promote their beef products after recent Twitter feuds broke out between Meek Mill vs. Drake and Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj. Feuds, I should mention, that garnered a lot of attention on social media.

1 White Castle Image 1(Source: White Castle Twitter)

Clorox uses a humorous social media strategy to bring their bleach products to life. They tap into trending hashtags like #WineWednesday to drive home the use of their products.

3 Clorox Image 3(Source: Clorox Twitter)

We’ve also seen humorous brand content become viral sensations; giving companies some major digital exposure. One example of this is Clash of ClansRevenge commercial that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The ad spoofed Liam Neeson’s notorious Taken character, which evidently caused a viral laughing fit as the Youtube video garnered more than one million shares and 75 million views.

7 Nissan Image 7

Finally, brands like Taco Bell have used humour in social media to tap into a lucrative, digitally active target market; millennials. Their Instagram content is flooded with user generated content and generationally targetted taglines and trends.

   10 Tacobell Image 10   11 Taco Bell Image 11
    (Taco Bell playing off popular millennial phrase ‘hot mess’)        (Taco Bell using emoticons to communicate brand message)

So what’s the recipe to success when it comes to using humour in social media for these brands? After my analysis, I summarized their success stories into 4 Reasons Why Humour Works on Social Media.

Read the full article here so you can understand why humour works for these brands and what you can learn if you’re considering injecting humour into your social content.


Update: Easily Identify Native Ads With Every Search

There is no doubt that Native Advertising has been dominating the digital advertising landscape in 2015. When it comes to Native growth, buzz, and ad spend, revenue is expected to surpass $7 billion this year. As an advertiser, this is a rising form of advertising you need to understand in order to capitalize on. Better yet, understand what your competitors are doing and leverage their successes and failures. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Native Advertising module in our search results which will allow you to access and understand the full strategy behind native ad placements with ease.

What data can I discover with this new module?

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Media Buying 101: Ad Networks & Ad Exchanges

This is the second article in an exclusive series that explores the complex world of Programmatic Media Buying. If you’d like to suggest a topic, please email us.

Media Buying 101: Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges

In the first installment of this series, you got a quick primer on Programmatic Media Buying. We talked briefly about how programmatic, ideally, makes our lives as media buyers easier.

But the evolution of the ad buying process towards programmatic through the years involves a multi-faceted ecosystem of exchanges, servers, data suppliers, and so much more. Together, all these technological cogs come together to make up the complex programmatic machine (and now-a-days, they can also come in one convenient platform).

Let’s take a step back and talk about this evolution, beginning with Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges. What’s the difference? How and why did they first develop and how have their roles changed in today’s programmatic ecosystem?

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5 Articles Every Lead Generation Expert Has Read

When it comes to lead generation in the digital age, B2B companies can no longer rely on the traditional methods that only consist of one or two points of contact with the customer. The selling process has witnessed a dramatic shift due to two main reasons:

1) The plethora of technology and lead-gen platforms available
2) The number of sales pitches people receive daily (I know you saw them in your inbox today)

These factors make it increasingly difficult to lead potential customers down a straightforward funnel of sales. B2B brands need to have several points of contact that actively maintain the attention and focus of their lead.

So how can you achieve the optimal strategy for generating leads in today’s distraction-filled digital world? We searched high and low to find you the best resources for tackling lead generation in today’s digital landscape. We figured this would be particularly helpful with LeadsCon, the premier conference for lead generation strategies, fast approaching. These articles will ensure you have a clear understanding of current trends, strategies and challenges before networking with a conference full of lead generating professionals. Even if you’re not attending LeadsCon, the resources below will ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to leveraging the latest trends and tools for lead generation.

Check out these 5 articles for mastering lead generation for best practices tips, tricks, and everything in between!

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Meet us at LeadsCon New York!

We had such a great time at ASE in New York and now our team is heading back to the Big Apple from August 24-26 to attend LeadsCon! We are thrilled to be part of a conference that brings together industry experts in online lead generation and direct response marketing verticals. We’re eager to network with marketers, learn from other industry leaders and contribute to the conversation on future trends in the industry.

Our team is also looking forward to connecting with all attendees, you can find us at Booth 307 from August 25-26, 11:00AM-4:00PM. Make sure to stop by to meet John and Jordan to discuss competitive intelligence and get a free demo!

We know you’ll be busy trying to fit in all the keynotes, sessions and lunches so to help organize your schedule you can book a FREE demo with WhatRunsWhere in advance. This way even if you can’t catch us on the exhibition floor we can still have the chance to connect. Email us at sales@whatrunswhere.com and book your demo now!


See you at LeadsCon!