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6 Tips For A Great Direct Buy

Direct buys are a way to hone in on great inventory and have targeted huge ROI campaigns. Are you buying programmatically and finding one site is working well? Does your campaign scream that it would be a great match for a specific site? Buying directly from the publisher is an age old practice that has yielded great results for both direct response and branded advertisers over the years.

Publishers hypothetically love it because they earn more revenue (the ad network, SSP or DSP doesn’t take a cut), and they can charge “premium prices”. Advertisers like locking in inventory, which creates a barrier to entry for competition and guarantees them access to an audience they value.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your direct buys. From the point when you approach the publisher to actually pushing the buy live, these tips will help ensure you have the greatest chance of the best campaign possible.

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