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4 Ways to Get More Ad Clicks

Spend on display advertising in the US is expected to surpass search ad spending for the first time this year. If banner ads are part of your online strategy, we want to help you make the most of your investment. We’ve outlined four quick tips that will help you get more ad clicks this year and beyond.

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3 Ways to Leverage HTML5 Now

At our recent Affiliate Marketing Meetup, WhatRunsWhere Co-Founder and CEO Max Teitelbaum led a session on three lucrative trends in the digital marketing landscape: native advertising, mobile and HTML5. With technology changing so rapidly, it’s important for online marketers to stay informed on current trends and understand how to optimize them in their strategies.

His discussion around native advertising highlighted the rapid growth this channel has experienced – revenue is expected to surpass $7 billion this year. Although it is growing like crazy, native advertising is still relatively new, so marketers are actively finding innovative ways to build high converting ads in this format.

When it comes to mobile, there is no doubt that marketers need to be investing in this space. Max explained the best way to optimize ads in this channel is to leverage the small real estate with simple messages and easily clickable designs.

Finally, he touched on the power of HTML5. This past year, the adoption of HTML5 has gone into overdrive – Amazon, Facebook, Google and YouTube all transitioned from Adobe Flash to HTML5. So what makes this ad type so powerful? First, it gives marketers the ability to build ads like never before and second, it makes omni-channel marketing efforts more seamless. Given all the buzz around HTML5 this year, we wanted to further explore the trend by interviewing an expert on the topic to help you understand how to leverage it .

Ready to take a deep dive into the world of HTML5 and discover the 3 Ways to Leverage HTML5 Now? Check out our exclusive interview with Rob Cromer from Adcade; a unique creative technology company that builds solutions for HTML5 ad building. We explored everything from why 2015 has been a pivotal time for HTML5, the possible challenges you may face with this ad format and what you can achieve with it. Get the insights below.

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