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Shifting Screens: Nutrisystem

SS_nutrisystemAny digital marketer knows that you always have to be ready for a change. A small one, a big one – any industry change must be efficiently adapted to for marketing success. However, sometimes it takes more than adaptation, sometimes an entire shift in practice is needed. And recently that shift has been for mobile marketing.

In 2013, mobile marketing ad spend grew more than 100% (Mobile Marketing Watch), and now a year later, it’s increased another 85% (BDLive).

It seems like it’s about time for us all to come to terms with the new mobile phenomenon. Yet despite the prevalence of handheld devices, it’s been reported that 97% of businesses have no idea how to take advantage of it (Mobile Commerce Press).

To help combat this confusion, lets see how top online performers are shifting their screens – from display to mobile…

This week, it’s for Diet & Weight Loss program – Nutrisystem!

Here we’ll compare Nutrisystem’s desktop ads with the ads they run for their Mobile Site to see how they maximize their ad potential on each specific medium…

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Case Study: Top In-App Campaigns

In-app advertising is one of today’s biggest marketing buzzwords for obvious reasons.  In 2013, it was reported that people were spending about 80% of their smartphone usage within an app. That number has now grown to 86%.

Photo credit: Tech Wyse

Photo credit: Tech Wyse

While advertising within an app is still relatively new, many advertisers have begun exploring the opportunities it offers.  In-app advertising revenue is predicted to surpass PC online display by 2017!

New to in-app advertising? Check out 3 Cardinal Rules for In-App Advertising or try looking up a few of your competitors on our mobile intel platform and see what they’re testing.


Here is a breakdown of a few top performing in-app campaigns…

Audible Top In-App Ad:

audible in app

Top App Traffic Source: WaytoSMS Free

Strategy:  this advertiser didn’t park all their campaigns on Google’s AdMob!  We tracked their ads coming from at least 13 different mobile ad networks.

Cupid.com Top In-App Ad:

cupid in app

Top App Traffic Source: The Best YouTube

Strategy:  almost 90% of their mobile ads are being run through the ad network LeadBolt. They are also testing AppLovin and Google’s AdMob.

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3 Cardinal Rules for In-App Advertising

It has been almost seven years since the original iPhone was released. That was the final year that a non-smartphone was the top seller.

In-App Advertising

Caption: Nokia 1200 – Top Selling Mobile Phone in 2007

In 2008, the entire mobile experience shifted.  Apple opened the first mobile application store where apps could be downloaded directly onto your apple device.

A little over a year later Apple’s App Store had over 100,000 apps available for download, leading to the famous “There’s an app for that.” campaign.

In-App AdvertisingAlso within that first year, two more mobile app stores became available; Android’s Market and Blackberry’s App World.

Flash-forward to 2014, where 1 in 5 people have a smartphone and 1 in 17 people have a tablet, it’s safe to say mobile app downloads are on the rise.  Especially since 85% of mobile users prefer mobile apps to the mobile web.

When it comes time to downloading apps, 61% of mobile users want free apps, even if it means they feature in-app ads. Reports show that these in-app ads actually perform more than 11X better than standard banners ads.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Advertisers: Time to get your in-app advertising strategy in gear!

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