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[Exclusive Interview] Developing Your Business Strategy with Competitive Intelligence

What’s informing your business strategy? With the massive amount of data available at our fingertips today, it’s easier than ever to access information about your target audience, business environment, and, most importantly, your competitors. Data helps inform not only your buying strategy but your overall business strategy as well. 

More specifically, competitive intelligence data provides you with the insights you need to make well-informed business decisions and repositioning. Recently our Director of Marketing, Jenny Duong, was interviewed by ReachForce to provide insights on how to develop a business strategy using competitive intelligence.  Below you can find a summary of her perspective on how to effectively use competitive intelligence to develop a strong business strategy in the digital world.

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[Exclusive Interview] Being Part of Toronto’s Thriving Startup Community

It’s being said that in the past decade, Toronto has become “the undisputed capital of Canadian innovation” with over 600 startups sprouting in the city as of 2013. Nestled in this thriving startup community is Bitmaker Labs, one of Canada’s largest web development and coding boot camp. Their Web Development class was invited to visit our WhatRunsWhere Toronto office last week!

Our co-founders Max Teitelbaum and Mike Cojanu talked all about technology, entrepreneurialism, and the challenges you’ll face when you first launch. After the talk, we sat down with Max, Mike, and Bitmaker Labs CEO, Craig Hunter, to pick their brains some more about how to launch (and maintain) a successful startup. Read on for the exclusive interview!


Students from Bitmaker Labs’ Web Development Class visiting the WhatRunsWhere Toronto office.

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Meet The Team: Tom Hogans, VP Engineering


Let’s talk about the backbone of WhatRunsWhere – our development team. Our team of developers ensure the WhatRunsWhere platform provides the competitive intelligence our users need to make smarter online advertising decisions.

Spread remotely across North America, this caffeine-powered team is brought together by Tom Hogans, our VP Engineering. Tom’s responsibilities range from preempting and resolving problems before they arise, building new product features,  managing our expansive database and uniting our remote developer team.

Read on to learn more about what keeps our VP Engineering successful in the fast-paced world of Ad Tech and Development…

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Meet The Media Buyer: Corey Post


I caught up with Corey Post recently as he prepares for the upcoming Affiliate Summit East in Philadelphia.  Corey is a speaker, writer and digital marketer with over a decade of experience working with companies from startup through IPO.  He will be speaking on Contest Marketing and hosting an Ask the Experts table on User Generated Content.  Don’t miss out on his presentation on Monday, August 19 at 4:40pm EST.

1) You’ve been a fan of ours for a while now!  How did you use WRW and what were your favorite tools?  Can you give us examples of how competitive intelligence helped inspire or saved you money on a campaign?

Since paid search is so expensive, I found it really helpful to find media buying opportunities, both by keyword and advertiser.  I looked for areas where my competitors repeatedly ran ads. Or, even better, I found tangential, or space-related, traffic sources that were undervalued.

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Meet The Media Buyer: Stan Ivanov


Stan Ivanov is the CEO of Intelligence Media Group, an online marketing agency specializing in campaign management and lead generation.  Prior to starting his own company, Stan was my colleague working in the Marketing Department of a large global corporation.  I still remember the early days in 2009 when Stan asked me all sorts of questions about online advertising during our lunch break and I proudly watched him evolve to become a successful affiliate and eventually being his own boss.

1) When and what was the turning point for you to become a full time affiliate?

I was never fond of the corporate world and I was always looking for ways to escape the rat race. I have tried many different business models (if you could call it such). I have sold DVDs on eBay, bed sheets and duvets on Craigslist, car audio equipment on online auctions, etc. None of those venues were consistent enough to replace my full time income.

Five years ago, I held a marketing job at a large corporation. There, I met this wonderful girl Wendy who later introduced me to her fiancé Geofferson, who just happened to work for an affiliate network. Over a few shots of Grey Goose, Geoff told me about the performance marketing industry. He explained to me how the industry works, told me Nicky Cakes’ story as a motivator, and later gave me links to a few forums and introduced me to a couple of people in the industry. Six months later, I had fired my boss to start my own marketing agency and never looked back.

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Meet The Media Buyer: Ben Plomion

BenPlomionBen is VP of Marketing at Chango, where he heads up marketing and is also responsible for expanding the company’s data and media partnerships. Prior to joining Chango, Ben worked with GE Capital for four years to establish and lead the digital media practice. This led to the development of GE Capital’s digital value proposition and its execution worldwide. The new venture re-energized paid, owned and earned media across 70+ web sites. Ben graduated from GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership program after completing his MBA at McGill University. Before GE, Ben held a variety of Marketing & Business Development roles in the e-payments industry, while working at Gemalto in London. Ben writes frequently for Digiday, CMO.com and Search Engine Watch.

1) What should media buyers be screening for when choosing a retargeting company to work with? And why should they “tango with Chango”?

Chango takes a unique approach to retargeting tactics which has a trove of proprietary data sources. For example, Search Retargeting is display advertising that talks directly to people who have already expressed an interest in your product or service based on what they searched for on Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Programmatic Site Retargeting, brings a fresh approach to site retargeting. Most programs have the dubious reputation of being catch-all marketing solutions that produce, at best, uncertain results. Instead of just bucketing individuals into a number of pre-defined segments, serving ads to users who will never convert, and burning cash on wasted impressions, Chango offers powerful insights and convincing results. Search Retargeting and Programmatic Site Retargeting are getting complex which is why we offer:
  • Fully-managed solutions (clients services and most importantly optimization managers). Campaigns don’t run by themselves.
  • Transparency and performance.
  • Access to search data and ability to make sense of 1st party data from the client.

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We’re Blazing a Path in Performance Marketing!


Our Co-Founder & COO, Max Teitelbaum, is featured in Techvibes today! He’s in his early 20’s and a huge basketball fan so it’s no surprise he runs his startup like he runs plays on the court.

“You have different positions within a team that play unique roles and each of them have their strengths. You have to have team work, you have to be unselfish and you have to be able to see how a play is developing, acting and reacting in a quick fashion.”

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Meet The Media Buyer: Liz Gazer


Liz is an old friend of mine and one of the first people I met in the industry back in 2008.  With a track record of turning under-performing media channels into revenue winners for retailers online, Liz is a Canadian multichannel retail marketing professional specializing in digital media & marketing.  She has 10 years of combined agency and client-side Ecommerce experience and is the Founder of Growthspurt Media, a Digital Marketing Consultancy serving the global e-commerce business community since 2006.

Passionate about education & advocacy as the digital media industry continues to evolve, Liz writes, speaks and teaches within the industry community. She has contributed to content at MerchantABCS.com, written for trade publications like FeedFront magazine & appeared on talk shows like Internet Marketing LIVE on QAQN.com and WebMaster Radio.

1) How do you do research before setting up a media buy? Please walk us through some tips!

Today there are so many advertising options with the fast paced growth of digital and mobile, that choices can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned of marketing executives. Cutting through that overwhelm is easier if you know what you’re after so it’s important to clearly identify it first through research and development of a complete strategic plan. Media buys should always be determined as part of a larger focus on overall marketing and business strategy. If you know who your audience is, and you know what your marketing goals are, it’s a lot easier to determine where your media spend should go and where and when you should be advertising. With that said, understanding your target audience demographic, psychographic and the consumer behaviour behind that group should play a big part in determining where you ultimately invest.

A lot of marketing folks forget to develop a full strategy complete with target customer profile before rushing into media buys. So research is important; competitive analysis is important. Identify answers to questions like, where is your competition advertising? Where are your consumers hanging out? What are they reading, watching and listening to?  What trends are they following and what motivates them to spend in your vertical? Answer those and identifying the right media channels to spend in, becomes a lot easier.

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