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Meet The Media Buyer: Charles Ngo


I met Charles (aka Dr. Ngo) a few years ago at Affiliate Summit and we chatted about our travels to Asia and his incredible track record in the industry.  He truly is a leader in performance marketing, and has generated millions of dollars in leads for his clients since 2008. Charles specializes in generating traffic using paid traffic sources such as media buying, search, mobile, and social. He also writes about his experiences and learnings in the industry at CharlesNgo.com. Bookmark and read his blog, he keeps it real and it’s full of inspiration and awesome sauce! You can also follow him on Twitter. Now lets get onto my interview with the expert himself…

1) With an army of “make monies online” gurus, what’s your motivation for dropping knowledge bombs on your blog?

I discovered the industry by stumbling onto Shoemoney and John Chow’s blogs in 2007, and I had my first profitable campaign a few months later off an idea I saw on Nickycakes. You could say that blogs were important to my career development. I didn’t know anyone in this industry so reading blogs and WickedFire back in the day was my source of motivation during the bad times.

I’ve actually always wanted to start a blog but I felt that they were way too time-consuming. On top of that there’s a million other projects I could launch that would make more money with the amount of time I put in. What made me change my mind is I noticed almost all of my favorite affiliate blogs stopped updating. It was time to step up because someone has to lookout for the next generation of internet marketers.

My life is way more awesome than I deserve because of this industry and I want to give back to it. I don’t think I’m that smart – I’m just an average guy who stayed focused and worked his ass off. I want to share my passion and my mindset with anyone that gives me a chance. I want to change lives.

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Meet The Media Buyers: Joe Burton, Network Director of WAMCPC!

JoeBurtonNext up in our “Meet The Media Buyer” series is Joe Burton, Network Director of WAMCPC!.  This is our flagship column where we interview successful advertisers and savvy media buyers.

I got the chance to talk to Joe about the first 8 years of his career at Pulse360, all the changes he’s seen in the industry, how they impact the way he does business and where he is now.

1) Let’s start from the beginning.  Tell us about how you went from Pulse360 to teaming up with WAM.

I started as a Sales Support Rep at Pulse360 and eventually became the Director of Sales.  I was very instrumental in the planning and launch of many of the successful products and innovations that made Pulse one of the top ad networks in the country during its peak.  Despite all the success Pulse was having I still felt there was a better way to run an ad network.   I took all the knowledge and advertiser feedback that I received over those 8 years and joined up with the WAM team with the mission to build the most advertiser friendly ad network in the business.

The Co-Founders of WAM, Brian Hastreiter and Nick King and I have a great relationship.  We all shared a similar vision for where things in our industry are going in the future.  We got together and discussed our goals and decided to set out on a pace to build WAMCPC.   Between all of us we had lots of experience in both the buying and selling sides of the industry and felt together we could build a business plan that would rival any other ad network in this space.

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Starting a company is akin to fighting a war!


Our COO and Co-Founder, Max Teitelbaum recently sat down with Startups FM to talk about how starting a company is akin to fighting a war, with victories in a lot of little battles leading to the overall goal (ie. sale, merger or IPO).

One thing that is often overlooked – but extremely important – in today’s cluttered and noisy landscape is a company’s digital advertising strategy.  Read the full article to find out how startups can build brand loyalty and accelerate their growth even with a limited budget…