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5 Articles Every Lead Generation Expert Has Read

When it comes to lead generation in the digital age, B2B companies can no longer rely on the traditional methods that only consist of one or two points of contact with the customer. The selling process has witnessed a dramatic shift due to two main reasons:

1) The plethora of technology and lead-gen platforms available
2) The number of sales pitches people receive daily (I know you saw them in your inbox today)

These factors make it increasingly difficult to lead potential customers down a straightforward funnel of sales. B2B brands need to have several points of contact that actively maintain the attention and focus of their lead.

So how can you achieve the optimal strategy for generating leads in today’s distraction-filled digital world? We searched high and low to find you the best resources for tackling lead generation in today’s digital landscape. We figured this would be particularly helpful with LeadsCon, the premier conference for lead generation strategies, fast approaching. These articles will ensure you have a clear understanding of current trends, strategies and challenges before networking with a conference full of lead generating professionals. Even if you’re not attending LeadsCon, the resources below will ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to leveraging the latest trends and tools for lead generation.

Check out these 5 articles for mastering lead generation for best practices tips, tricks, and everything in between!

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Meet us at LeadsCon New York!

We had such a great time at ASE in New York and now our team is heading back to the Big Apple from August 24-26 to attend LeadsCon! We are thrilled to be part of a conference that brings together industry experts in online lead generation and direct response marketing verticals. We’re eager to network with marketers, learn from other industry leaders and contribute to the conversation on future trends in the industry.

Our team is also looking forward to connecting with all attendees, you can find us at Booth 307 from August 25-26, 11:00AM-4:00PM. Make sure to stop by to meet John and Jordan to discuss competitive intelligence and get a free demo!

We know you’ll be busy trying to fit in all the keynotes, sessions and lunches so to help organize your schedule you can book a FREE demo with WhatRunsWhere in advance. This way even if you can’t catch us on the exhibition floor we can still have the chance to connect. Email us at sales@whatrunswhere.com and book your demo now!


See you at LeadsCon!


On Blogging: Is Content Creation Relevant to Affiliate Marketers?

Content, content, content – producing quality content is key to connecting with audiences. More than ever, companies are publishing original content through blogs and guest blogs. But does the same rule apply to affiliate marketers?

Blogging has become an essential channel of communication that offers a more intimate way of sharing information and connecting with customers. Most company websites have a tendency of being one dimensional in terms of informing readers about the company. They’re also usually one directional since they “talk at” customers. But blogs are different: they’re a place for companies and customers to engage in ongoing conversations about original, interesting, educational, or entertaining content.  Content shared on company blogs can range from product launches, tips & tricks, industry trends to customer success stories, infographics, and everything in between.

Another part of the blog ecosystem is guest blogging. A guest blog is when a blog owner features the writing and opinion of someone else – usually an industry influencer – on their blog to share new insight with their audience. The benefit? Both the blog owner and guest writer are able to share the content with both of their audiences to extend their voice to a much larger reach.

Guest blogging was the topic of discussion in a recent live Twitter chat hosted by SEMrush and Website Magazine – whom we’ve guest blogged for before! The chat got us thinking about how some of the top affiliate marketers out there are also some of the best bloggers that produce great original content. The question is why?

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WhatRunsWhere @ ASE14 / LeadsCon New York!

LeadsCon ASE 2014


The WhatRunsWhere spies are taking over The Big Apple!


On August 10-12, our VP of Business Development, David Kelly and Account Executive, Jordan Matheson will be exhibiting and offering product demos at Affiliate Summit East (Booth T811).

Mark your calendars –> our COO, Max Teitelbaum will be presenting on Aug 12 @ 2pm in the Astor Ballroom alongside Lori Weiman from The Search Monitor.

They’ll show you “How To Beat the Competition With The Right Intelligence Tools”.  Learn how merchants can provide affiliates with the same competitive intelligence smarts that top marketers deploy on paid / organic search and display ads, plus the impact of PLA’s on affiliate page rank.

Meanwhile over at LeadsCon (Booth #514)…

On Aug 14 -15, our awesome Sales Team: Conrad Bach and Jonathan Marmor will be giving you a sneak peek at what your competitors are up to and how you can crush their display + mobile strategies.

Let’s Connect!

Don’t forget to follow @whatrunswhere and join in on the Twitter conversation as our VP of Marketing, Wendy will be live Tweeting at these shows!


Ring Ring! It’s Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call

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Pay Per Call has been around for awhile but it’s only recently catching on as advertisers take the leap to investing more in mobile marketing.  If you are wondering how it’s promoted, here is a good overview by Ring Partner of the types of promotions being utilized to drive calls.

In a nutshell, pay per call works best if you have a service-based business such as legal or home renovations or high ticket items like automobiles.  The advertiser works with affiliate marketers and lead generation partners that are responsible for setting up the campaign and screens inbound calls for potential customers.  The calls are recorded and tracked with a unique trackable phone number.   You can gather such intel as where they are calling from, the duration, source and relevancy (ie. are they asking for a quote? etc.).  Advertiser only pays the affiliates for valid calls that meets a certain criteria (typically based on minimum call duration like 90 seconds).

Did you know that call conversions from a mobile device are 57% compared to 7% from a desktop?  Check out this mobile pay per call growth and opportunity infographic

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4 Tips for Nurturing Your Leads to Conversion

4 Tips for Nurturing Your Leads to Conversion

Lead nurturing is that critical stage after lead generation when you build up a relationship with prospects and prepare them for the possibility of a future sale. By delivering consistent content to your leads, you can encourage them to start thinking about your product niche when considering their own business plans.

Fact is, lead generation can be expensive, so you definitely don’t want to waste any promising opportunities. A recent report showed that organizations that nurture their leads see a 45% increase in lead generation ROI over organizations that do not.

Here are 4 tactics to nurture your hard-won leads to conversion.

1) Act quickly

Lead Nurturing - Act Quickly

Lead nurturing should begin immediately after you’ve collected someone’s contact info. Surprisingly enough, a lot of companies let leads go cold simply because they neglect to follow-up in a timely manner.

Set up an auto-responder so that, at the very least, you have taken some steps to engage with the prospect. Use this time to thank them for signing up, and provide links to some of your most popular materials and social platforms. After this step, remember to consistently engage your customers so they won’t forget about you.

Sometimes, it’s appropriate to call a lead right away: perhaps they’ve submitted their info through a contact page, or maybe they’ve indicated that they wish to speak with a salesperson as soon as possible. If this is the case, be sure to get in touch with the lead as soon as possible.

A study by InsideSales.com showed that the odds of reaching a lead are 100 times higher if called within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes of submitting their contact info. Similarly, a lead is 21 times more likely to enter the sales cycle if called within the earlier time interval.

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The Top 4 Lead Gen Tactics And How To Master Them

Top 4 Lead Generation Tactics

Lead generation sounds like a dream if you can do it right: put yourself out there, let the internet work its magic, and leads will trickle right into your inbox. Well, it’s a little trickier than that – how can you collect high-quality leads that can be nurtured and converted?

There are countless ways to go about lead generation; in order to narrow down your strategy, you’ll first have to do some personal reflection and goal setting. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Given the existing customer base, what are reasonable expectations for your lead generation campaign?
  • Would you rather cast a wide net to achieve many general leads, or would you rather zone in on fewer, but higher-quality leads?

There’s no blanket answer for all businesses, but consider your current figures for customer retention, churn, and renewals. For example, if there isn’t a high ROI on your product, perhaps it’s not the best idea to spend marketing dollars on leads that aren’t guaranteed to convert.

A recent eMarketer survey listed the most effective lead generation tactics used by B2B and B2C marketing professionals. While the rankings different slightly for the two groups, these techniques made the list as the most successful lead generation ideas.

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Meet The Media Buyer: Stan Ivanov


Stan Ivanov is the CEO of Intelligence Media Group, an online marketing agency specializing in campaign management and lead generation.  Prior to starting his own company, Stan was my colleague working in the Marketing Department of a large global corporation.  I still remember the early days in 2009 when Stan asked me all sorts of questions about online advertising during our lunch break and I proudly watched him evolve to become a successful affiliate and eventually being his own boss.

1) When and what was the turning point for you to become a full time affiliate?

I was never fond of the corporate world and I was always looking for ways to escape the rat race. I have tried many different business models (if you could call it such). I have sold DVDs on eBay, bed sheets and duvets on Craigslist, car audio equipment on online auctions, etc. None of those venues were consistent enough to replace my full time income.

Five years ago, I held a marketing job at a large corporation. There, I met this wonderful girl Wendy who later introduced me to her fiancé Geofferson, who just happened to work for an affiliate network. Over a few shots of Grey Goose, Geoff told me about the performance marketing industry. He explained to me how the industry works, told me Nicky Cakes’ story as a motivator, and later gave me links to a few forums and introduced me to a couple of people in the industry. Six months later, I had fired my boss to start my own marketing agency and never looked back.

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