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Forex Companies Compete to be the Loudest Advertiser

According to the Bank for International Settlements, there’s an average of $5.3 trillion traded in the Foreign Exchange (forex) market per day. That’s $1.3 trillion more than 3 years prior in 2010. In the US, there are 11.63 million people who are using online trading platforms to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry. Online trading brokers battle it out to be named the trading platform of choice among online traders.

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5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

As a startup, you’re always eager to find creative ways to shake up the status quo. But your primary concern is figuring out the best (and most cost-effective) way of growing your business. Between determining the next best market to tap into and deciding on where to set up your ping pong table, you’re always looking for ways to drive growth. How you market your business can make or break the success of your company.

You know that advertising is a critical component for success, but your resources are limited. So how do you get your startup in front of as many eyes as possible without the budget that your established competitors have to work with? Don’t fret – we’ve narrowed down 5 helpful tips startups can use to start driving growth for their business now.

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Meet us at Performance Marketing Insights Europe!

WhatRunsWhere is excited to attend Performance Marketing Insights June 23-24, 2015 in beautiful Berlin. This leading performance marketing conference brings together top marketers from around the world.

#PMIEUR will be welcoming more than 1000 senior marketing professionals from more than 40 different countries and WhatRunsWhere is eager to network, connect and discuss competitive intelligence with attendees. This is the conference to attend to get access to premier content marketing strategies from leaders in the industry.


David Kelly, VP Business Development.

If you’re heading to Performance Marketing Insights in Berlin or if you just happen to be in town, be sure to connect with David Kelly, our VP of Business Development. Send him a message at sales@whatrunswhere.com to set up a meet and greet. Network and learn more about how competitive intelligence can help boost your advertising strategies!

Don’t forget to stay connected with us on Twitter @WhatRunsWhereSee you in Berlin!


3 Holiday Tips To Ensure Your Affiliate Marketing Success


You’ve worked hard all year on your affiliate marketing – searching for hot offers, promoting new deals. There’s just one last holiday stretch to get through before you can sign off, catch up on some sleep, and start it all again in the new year.

The holidays can be a digital gold mine for affiliates looking to boost commissions. Consumers are eager to buy, and conduct a lot of research online to find the perfect gifts (in fact, this season is expected to account for about 27 percent of the total U.S. annual online sales).

It’s now up to you to reach out to these credit card-equipped shoppers and show them the top products for this holiday season.

Not sure where to start? Why not try these 3 ways to make this Affiliate Marketing season a merry one!

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Display Strategy: 3 Brands Taking Advantage of Sochi Olympics

All anyone can talk about right now is the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi Russia.  Whether they are talking about #SochiProblems, the mind-blowing opening ceremony, or the now started winter games, the Sochi Olympics are certainly on everyone’s mind.

Nielsen estimates that 31.7 million Americans tuned into the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday.

Just as we saw with the Super Bowl, marketers are taking full advantage of the Olympics with their advertising strategies especially when it comes to online.

Whether you are not able to tune-in and simply need game updates or you are partaking in a multi-screen experience, the Internet is a very powerful source for Olympic coverage. Simply search Olympics and voila…

display strategy sochi olympics

With so many people getting online to get a hold of their Olympic coverage, sites like TeamUSA.org have become premium publishers for ad placement.

These large-scale display campaigns require a ton of planning and a monstrous budget but can be incredibly beneficial for a brand’s online presence.

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Top Blog Posts from 2013

The best way to start the New Year is by reviewing last year’s best lessons!

Here is a compilation of our Top Blog Posts from 2013…Top Blog Posts from 2013

8. Split-Testing Tips for Banner Ads

Have you ever felt like you wasted your time or money building a campaign that flopped? Don’t give up just yet! Find out how you can accurately split-testing different elements to improve your campaign success…

7. 5 tips for creating a spectacular mobile ad campaign

If you haven’t started taking advantage of mobile advertising, 2014 is the year to start! Here are 5 must-follow tips for making a successful mobile ad campaign…

6. How To Use Big Data For Your Online Marketing Strategy

One off the biggest marketing buzzwords from 2013 was “Big Data”. Here are 5 simple tips to help you figure out how to take all these raw numbers and turn them into something useful…

5. Ads that Actually Work: Looking at AT&T

Some of the best marketing advice ever shared: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Even a huge company like AT&T knows that it’s best to go with what works. Check out their top performing display ads to gain inspiration for your own campaigns…
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The Move to Mobile

Attention spans beware. Distractions are everywhere.

Everyone and their mother now have a smartphone.

Well, not quite. But it is predicted that by the end of 2013 one in five people on earth will have a smartphone.

Check out some mind-blowing facts about the move from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets in this illuminating infographic…

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3 Campaigns That Brilliantly Took Advantage Of Comparative Advertising

Comparative Advertising


Understanding who your competition is important, but knowing what they are doing to gain your potential customers is vital for every business.  Keeping a pulse on your competition’s marketing helps to give your brand all kinds of advantages. Information that helps them to improve how they reach more customers will most likely help you as well.  You can also use your competition’s shortcomings to your advantage in comparative advertising.

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