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Meet us at ad:tech New York!

WhatRunsWhere is excited to attend the upcoming ad:tech New York taking place November 4th & 5th. As one of the largest conferences for digital marketers, ad:tech welcomes thousands of professionals from global agencies, brands, publishers, and ad technology platforms.  

So what are we looking forward to most at this action-packed conference?

  • Hearing from major players in the digital game including American Express, Facebook, AMC Networks and Hulu (to mention a few)
  • Getting exclusive insights from industry leaders including Laura Olin, President Obama’s 2012 campaign social media director, Jeremey Levine, SVP of Digital Sales at Live Nation and John Costello, President of Global Marketing and Innovation Dunkin’ Brands Inc.
  • Checking out ad:tech’s newest feature on the Expo floor, the ad:tech International Pavilions, where countries with emerging startup scenes will be featured
  • And of course, having the opportunity to connect with all of the passionate attendees (like you!)

Who will you meet from our team?

Jordan and Alex will be in the big apple for the upcoming conference and are eager to discuss how critical competitive intelligence is for anyone in the digital eco-system. Be sure to stop by Booth 501 in the Expo Hall to get a demo of WhatRunsWhere.

Or, if you’re planning your ad:tech NY agenda ahead of time, you organize a one-on-one meeting with Jordan or Alex by scheduling an appointment here.


We look forward to seeing you there!


4 Tools Every Digital Marketer Needs

In today’s digital marketing world, there are thousands of tools that exist to help you optimize your online strategy. So how do you know what to include in your marketing stack? Whether you’re trying to maximize your social reach, optimize landing pages, increase email response rates or develop a multi-channel strategy, you have a lot of tools to choose from. With so many tools available, the selection process can be overwhelming. BUT everyone’s needs are different.

If you’re feeling unsure about your current marketing stack or are seeking new tools to spice up your strategy, then this list is for you. We break down four key elements of your online marketing campaign and tell you which tools to use to optimize your success in that area. Whether you are a media buyer, affiliate manager, social media coordinator or anything in between, this list is your essential toolkit for online marketing success.

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Connect With Us At dmexco!

The Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference (dmexco) is fast approaching! WhatRunsWhere will be attending the conference that brings together the global digital economy on September 16th and 17th in Cologne, Germany.

This year at demxco, WhatRunsWhere will be rubbing shoulders with more than 500 expert speakers and 32,000 trade visitors (from over 100 countries). We’re very excited to be exhibiting at this premier global digital marketing event that brings together innovative businesses to share learnings on new business models and industry trends. With over 200 hours of conference programming, there is much to learn. 

If you are heading to Germany for this exciting conference, be sure to connect with our team. WhatRunsWhere’s CEO and Co-Founder, Max Teitelbaum, and Director of Business Development, Jordan Matheson, will be available to discuss how competitive intelligence is disrupting and changing the way we strategize media buying in the digital age.


Feel free to book a one-on-one meeting with either Jordan or Max by emailing sales@whatrunswhere.com.

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Let’s GO to dmexco!


Media Buying 101: Ad Networks & Ad Exchanges

This is the second article in an exclusive series that explores the complex world of Programmatic Media Buying. If you’d like to suggest a topic, please email us.

Media Buying 101: Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges

In the first installment of this series, you got a quick primer on Programmatic Media Buying. We talked briefly about how programmatic, ideally, makes our lives as media buyers easier.

But the evolution of the ad buying process towards programmatic through the years involves a multi-faceted ecosystem of exchanges, servers, data suppliers, and so much more. Together, all these technological cogs come together to make up the complex programmatic machine (and now-a-days, they can also come in one convenient platform).

Let’s take a step back and talk about this evolution, beginning with Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges. What’s the difference? How and why did they first develop and how have their roles changed in today’s programmatic ecosystem?

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Media Buying 101: What Is Programmatic Buying?

This is the first article in an exclusive series that explores the complex world of Programmatic Media Buying. If you’d like to suggest a topic, please email us.

An Introduction to Programmatic Buying

I’m sure you hear this word thrown around quite a bit. Programmatic Media Buying – it’s ‘the future of online advertising’ – a means to completely remove all manual processes in digital advertising.

It’s an important buzzword that many people know of and use. But let’s be honest, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding this term and few actually know what it means.

Programmatic In a Nutshell

In short, programmatic media or ad buying is the use of technology to automate and optimize the ad buying process in real-time.

A simplified example of programmatic is the use of ad networks like AdWords, which is powered by algorithms, to serve highly targeted ads at viewers.

But programmatic has evolved to be much more complex than this. Once exclusive to search and display ads, programmatic now includes many more mediums, like video, and can be done across multiple channels (desktop and mobile).

Generally, it is a catch-all term that encompasses the leveraging of big data and technology including ad networks, ad exchanges, trading desks, demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), exchange-based buying of ad inventory, real-time bidding (RTB), and ad networks to serve targeted and relevant experiences to consumers across channels. On the back end of things, algorithms filter ad impressions derived from consumer behavioral data, which allows advertisers to define budgets, goals, attribution, and optimize for reduced risk while increasing ROI with ease.

That’s a lot of jargon. Confused? Me too.


Before we even begin to understand the many intricacies of programmatic media buying, we need to know why it came into demand, and define the many elements that programmatic encompasses.

So let’s break this down, and take it one step at a time.

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WEBINAR: Profitable Tactics For Crushing Your Competition’s Campaigns


Ready to take advantage of your competitor’s strategy so you can build profitable campaigns?

Date: Tuesday, September 30th at 11am EST

Tune in to this FREE WEBINAR and you will learn: 

  • Which of your competitors’ ads are driving the most success
  • How to pinpoint their most profitable traffic sources
  • Where to focus your mobile advertising efforts
  • How you can cut down split testing, while still optimizing
  • Where to spot other top-performing advertisers targeting the same niche
  • What steps to take to become more visible and crush your competitors!

Join our COO & Co-Founder Max Teitelbaum as he hosts this Convert Academy webinar. Follow along and you’ll learn how to spy on your competitor’s campaigns in order to uncover their most profitable strategy secrets.

Find out how you can boost your campaign success using their marketing insights.



Top Campaigns of Summer 2014


People get nostalgic for summer quickly. Reminiscing about trips to the beach, or their favorite cottage drink, everybody does it. We’re no different. It’s only a week back into busy season and we’re already thinking about campaigns-gone-by from the summer.

While many advertisers were away on vacation, others took advantage of off-season to ramp up their strategies and forged ahead of their competition.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Top Campaigns of Summer 2014…

First, let’s start with some common patterns we see across these campaigns:

Simple messaging. Don’t make consumers think too much, their brains are on vacation!
• Advertisers encouraged consumers to experiment, embrace change and be adventurous.
• Lots of banners with bright colors and fun outdoor images.

Starbucks – Say Yes To What’s Next
May to August, 2014

Who can say no to Starbucks’ Frappucino – the perfect summer drink!  Their ads definitely makes us want to get one! The messaging in this campaign is two-fold – advertising the drink and the convenience of finding a location near you. Since people spend more time outdoors, “Find A Starbucks” is a very relevant call-to-action.

Desktop Ad

Starbuckssumer1mobileMobile Ad

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Meet The Media Buyer: Geoff Marcy of Adfluent Media


Next up in our Meet The Media Buyer series, we talk to Geofferson Marcy, Co-Founder of Adfluent Media.  With almost a decade of online marketing experience under his black belt, Geoff has a passion for launching world class affiliate programs and helping innovative, disruptive businesses acquire new customers.

When he unplugs, he loves to sweat it out by long distance running and plotting the next globe-trotting adventure with his adorable new son.

1) What makes Adfluent Media “fluent” when it comes to helping Advertisers grow their customers?

We’re fluent because our philosophy is to “always do the right thing.” It seemed like an obvious way to go, but I’ve learned that in business it’s not always the norm.  We focus everyday on building a solid reputation in the performance marketing arena.  That makes it easy to attract the right partners custom to each campaign. We are able to quickly get to “How can we work together?” instead of “Why should we work together?”.

In the typical affiliate network model, affiliates scrap it out for top payouts, lead allocation, traffic sources and budget.  Consequently an offer might have hundreds of affiliates overlapping in execution, which doesn’t benefit the advertiser or the publisher.

We select a handful of partners on an invite-only basis based on a trusted business (and often personal) relationship.  Then we assign small, but highly specialized teams to each campaign with a focus on the most opportunistic channels. The net effect is high volume acquisition potential and increased transparency, without any headaches due to violations.

2) As a lean agency, how do you identify the best opportunities for media buyers you work with?

We have to be super selective in who we work with, but it serves everyone involved well.  Learning to say “No” if you can’t commit in full force is an art, but required for success.

Doing the upfront due diligence to make sure the advertiser has a sustainable business model, is ready to scale, well funded and has an ambitious long term plan helps to ensure campaigns we create go the distance. There is no value for setting up a campaign, start generating acquisitions, achieving profit – only to find out there is an unsustainable element.

We also make sure there won’t be issues with transparency and resistance to feedback.  By working closely with our merchants, often we can share behind the scenes intel with our media buyers to accelerate the optimization process. We look at our yield over a longer time horizon than other networks; as an example; two of our clients have been active with us for over 3 years. As a media buyer, think about the optimization that can be done in that amount of time with so much insight.

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