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Media Buying Calculator: How Profitable Are Your Campaigns?

media buying calculator

Are your media buys pulling in a positive ROI, or wasting valuable dollars? With so many factors at play, it can be hard to tell.

Introducing our Media Buying Calculator — Now you can easily project the value of a campaign and predict your return on investment.

This tool will prove helpful when both pre-planning a campaign and calculating the outcome of a campaign. You can calculate how small changes to the various factors of your campaigns will change your desired results, allowing you to know exactly the targets you need to aim for when running your campaign.

Simply enter a few given values from your campaign and our media buying calculator will do the rest!

Launch our Media Buying Calculator!


First time calculating the ROI behind a campaign? Here is a rundown on the values that you need to calculate for your media buys…

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Top Blog Posts from 2013

The best way to start the New Year is by reviewing last year’s best lessons!

Here is a compilation of our Top Blog Posts from 2013…Top Blog Posts from 2013

8. Split-Testing Tips for Banner Ads

Have you ever felt like you wasted your time or money building a campaign that flopped? Don’t give up just yet! Find out how you can accurately split-testing different elements to improve your campaign success…

7. 5 tips for creating a spectacular mobile ad campaign

If you haven’t started taking advantage of mobile advertising, 2014 is the year to start! Here are 5 must-follow tips for making a successful mobile ad campaign…

6. How To Use Big Data For Your Online Marketing Strategy

One off the biggest marketing buzzwords from 2013 was “Big Data”. Here are 5 simple tips to help you figure out how to take all these raw numbers and turn them into something useful…

5. Ads that Actually Work: Looking at AT&T

Some of the best marketing advice ever shared: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Even a huge company like AT&T knows that it’s best to go with what works. Check out their top performing display ads to gain inspiration for your own campaigns…
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WEBINAR: Data Driven Media Buying – How to Use Ad Intelligence to Increase Campaign Success

competitive advantage

Be sure to join us for our Webinar at 8pm EST TONIGHT!

We will be providing an in depth look into WhatRunsWhere’s ad intelligence service. As well, we will be discussing powerful tips and tricks on how to use data to drive more successful display and mobile campaigns.

Join us as we show you how to take the guess work out of display and mobile media buying and in turn make you more money.

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Meet Ben Louie: Advertising Manager at POF


There are plenty of ads on Plenty Of Fish and plenty of money to be made on this self-serving ad platform.  We talk to Benjamin Louie, employee #4 about where POF.com is today and where they are headed.  Ben is the primary contact on both the buy and sell side and behind the scenes, he is involved in the product development of their advertising platform, security and risk management and updating the advertising blog.

1) Where do you see your inventory being sold in 5 years? 

In 5 years I see a mix of web + mobile with a heavy skew towards mobile.  The trend is too hard to ignore but at this point in time, we’re still
trying to figure out the best way to effectively monetize mobile without sacrificing user experience.  I believe the buyers are going to shift towards more ad networks and agencies as the demand for performance tracking increases.

2) How has RTB emerged for you as a large publisher — the upside and downside?

Our advertising platform, ads.pof.com has been RTB since day one. By introducing RTB instead of falling back to Ad Sense, we dramatically
increased revenue. We’re now aggressively adding Ad Networks into the mix so we can compete and have a mix of direct advertisers, agencies, ad networks and Ad Sense.  For the user experience this is great as they experience a mix of direct response and branded ads. The downside of RTB from a traffic source’s point of view is quality control of ads. POF.com is in business for the long run and not for the short buck – we hold user experience as our top priority and react accordingly.

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Tips & Tricks From Top Banner Ads

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Using our highly intelligent display and mobile tools, we’ve captured the top performing banner ads and shared our tips on what makes them click-worthy.  Hopefully you’ll gain some creative inspiration and discover what your competition is up to by advertiser, keyword or niche and what’s working for them!  

Top Mobile Ads

Everyone is getting on mobile but one of the biggest design mistakes is simply shrinking ads to fit smaller screens.  Well designed in-app and mobile ads adopt the “less is more” approach.  (Click here to see examples and how these advertisers made the transition from clicks to taps.)

The best performing ads in dating.

Dating is a very competitive vertical.  Polished ads with professional stock images don’t always get the clicks but try using amateur photos, localization and a strong call to action.  (Click here to see examples and details of top performing ads in dating.)

Halloween is no longer for kids. Advertisers are not afraid of spending money on seasonal ads. Here are some brands with top performing display ads.

Halloween is no longer for kids. Advertisers are not afraid of spending money on seasonal ads. (Click here to see how these brands got creative and became top performing ads).

See more Boards and learn how our display and mobile tools can work to help you get ahead of your competition, enhance your online marketing strategy and maximize your media buying budget.

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Ad Fraud: Warning Signs & How To Lower Your Risk!

Ad Fraud Threat MapAd Fraud Threat Map, from ClickForensics

Online ad fraud is a serious concern for many Internet marketers – rightfully so, because it’s estimated that the full cost of click fraud is a staggering $400 million per year. Simply put, ad fraud happens when someone clicks on an ad with malicious intent, whether to increase publisher revenues or to drive up the cost of a competitor’s campaign. Multiply that by thousands of clicks, delivered through viruses or bots, and you can see why this has become a huge problem.

While there’s no way to prevent ad fraud, you can keep an eye on certain metrics to identify the symptoms of an attack, and take action to minimize the risk of such.

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Meet The Media Buyer: Corey Pollack


Next up in our Meet The Media Buyer series, we talk to Corey Pollack, the Founder and President of Wave Digital Media.  Wave buys display, video and mobile advertisements online more efficiently than the competition by tapping into multiple industry leading Real-time bidding (RTB) platforms.

1) Advertisers want to increasingly hit the right consumer with the right message at the right time.  How does Wave stay competitive and do this better?

We refer to that [right consumer with the right message at the right time] as the Holy Grail in the digital ad space. Wave leverages multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs) with competitive media buying intelligence to provide a powerful mix for advertisers and agencies to achieve the Holy Grail through display, video, and mobile RTB technology.

Using our approach, we are able to target on a very personal and granular level at the absolute cheapest cost. By layering behavior, contextual, geographic, and demographic filters with machine-learning technology and human optimization, we have been able to demonstrate superior results when compared to traditional media buying. At Wave, we don’t buy impressions – we buy audiences.

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[Infographic] Fine-Tuning Your Real-Time Bidding Strategy

Fine-Tuning Your Real-Time Bidding Strategy

Real-time bidding (RTB) is quickly becoming one of the leading methods of selling and purchasing online ad inventory – it is expected to grow 72% this year, and will be a $7 billion market by 2016. A recent paper from the University College London sheds new light on the mechanics, subtle patterns, and areas of improvement in real-time bidding.

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