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Two Metrics You Need To Know To Throw A Jet Engine Behind Your Mobile User Acquisition

by Robin Campbell, Marketing at Tapstream

mobile users acqusition

As competition rises, one of the biggest questions plaguing the minds of app makers today is “How do I get more users?”

The other day, Tapstream’s CEO, Slaven Radic, was chatting to an app company about exactly this, only to discover the app maker had no idea what his customer lifetime value was – that’s to say, how much he will earn from an average customer throughout their relationship. This is alarming considering he was ready to dive head-first into user acquisition.

The sexy veneer of taking action and roping-in new users is tempting, but there are some important numbers you need to know first.

Knowing your cost of customer acquisition (CoCA) and lifetime value (LTV)

Learning how much it costs to acquire a customer (CoCA) for a given channel and how much that user is worth to you (LTV) is the only way you can determine which sources of users are worth going after.

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Webinar Recap: Using Data to Design Smarter Online Ad Campaigns

Yesterday, our COO, Max Teitelbaum and ReTargeter’s Senior Director of Marketing, Hafez Adel hosted a Webinar on how you can use data to lift your advertising ROI, better target your audience and place your campaigns with precision.


Here’s a recap of the session and 10 key takeaways:

  • Smart advertising is methodical, data-driven and targeted.
  • Marketers often under utilize data. According to Harvard Business Review, only 11% of decisions are based on data while the rest of the 89% is based on intuition and assumptions.
  • Using data the right way means balancing agility with long-term planning, knowing what to ignore (not all metrics are created equal) and linking the metrics to your core business objectives.
  • Competitive intelligence tools like WhatRunsWhere helps you plan your media buy by allowing you to see top performing creatives, new profitable traffic sources, and keeps tabs on your competition. Buying efficiently saves time and money.
  • As a rule of thumb, set aside about 10% of your total ad spend on testing and gathering data. Then use the leftover 90% for ads that are meeting your minimum ROI goal.
  • Run multi-variant tests on these 3 elements to find the sweet spot: copy, image and call to action.
  • Refresh your creative every 3 months or sooner to avoid banner fatique.
  • If your ads are not working, analyzing your site placement performance can help guide future ad spend and increase ROI.
  • CTR measures interest for traditional banners while Engagement (interacting with the ad) is a more important metric for newer rich media ads.
  • If you are using the view-through conversion metric, set a view-through window of approx 24 hours from the initial impression.

Ultimately using the right data and tools limits risks, helps you create better ads and allows you to intelligently optimize existing campaigns and guide future tests.

Learn more by watching the full one-hour webinar HERE!