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3 Campaigns That Brilliantly Took Advantage Of Comparative Advertising

Comparative Advertising


Understanding who your competition is important, but knowing what they are doing to gain your potential customers is vital for every business.  Keeping a pulse on your competition’s marketing helps to give your brand all kinds of advantages. Information that helps them to improve how they reach more customers will most likely help you as well.  You can also use your competition’s shortcomings to your advantage in comparative advertising.

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Mobile Advertising: From Clicks To Taps

WRW Mobile Marketing Infographic

We’re more plugged in than ever and that’s a good thing for marketers.  17% of global web traffic actually comes from a smartphone or tablet and a 2012 study by comScore revealed that 4 in every 5 American smartphone users turn to their mobile device before making a purchase.

So what does that mean for businesses?  First step is to ensure mobile users can easily find, consume and read your content.  We put together this handy infographic on how you can make the transition from clickable to tappable ads. Continue reading


Meet The Media Buyer: Mike Williams of Ring Partner


 Our next media buying expert is Mike Williams.  Having started his online marketing career in 2004, he has a wealth of experience in lead generation, search engine marketing, landing page optimization, web marketing strategy, email marketing and social media marketing.  Mike is currently the Network Manager at Ring Partner where he oversees the network advertisers and publishers, as well as all operations. Prior to Ring Partner, he managed his own pay per click agency and worked for a couple of other affiliate networks.  Mike lives in Victoria, BC, Canada with his 3 kids and wife of nearly 10 years.  Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

1) Pay Per Call has been around for years but it’s still largely unknown.  Can you explain how and why the model works?

I’m not so sure if I agree that it’s “largely unknown”.  Pay per call is less common, but the market is growing quickly. I remember pay per call marketing back in 2006, but it just wasn’t a viable marketing method at the time. The rapid adoption of smartphones and the growth in mobile over the past few years is helping pay per call to emerge as an effective and viable performance marketing channel, for both advertisers and publishers.

Pay per call marketing campaigns use a duration-based conversion model and publisher tracking numbers, rather than pixel conversions and links. So, when a caller dials a number and connects to a call center, then stays on the line for a set duration, the publisher is paid out a commission.

There are a few tracking systems that provide pay per call tracking, at Ring Partner we use RingRevenue, which is likely the most widely-used platform. They have some great features for publishers, like call promotions and ring pools. Call promotions are the “landing pages” of pay per call and they help to filter and funnel callers in to conversions. Ring Pools provide more granular tracking for publishers to help determine the actual conversion sources.

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5 Tips For Creating A Spectacular Mobile Ad Campaign


Did you know that by 2014, mobile internet consumption is expected to surpass desktop usage ? What’s more, mobile advertising revenue has skyrocketed from $0.7 billion in 2008 to $12 billion by 2011.

As mobile usage continues to soar, it is crucial for companies to capture this growing segment of consumers by producing specialized mobile marketing campaigns. While good design practices still apply, it’s not enough to simply copy and paste ads from desktop to mobile – you’ll miss out on the distinctive capabilities of mobile and lose the impact of your content.

Here are 5 recommendations to consider when creating a mobile campaign.

1) Use location services to connect with users.


With over 770 million GPS-enabled smartphones worldwide, advertisers are now able to reach scores of customers through location-based content. Recently published data shows that locally-targeted mobile display ads provide click-through rates more than double the industry average.

For example, Best Western ran a campaign that featured hotels in the user’s area and allowed visitors to book last-minute rooms straight from their phone. Ads were delivered to customers found within a certain radius of their own hotels and even their competitors’ locations.

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Try This To Increase Your Mobile Ad Engagement!

Mobile Users

We all know higher engagement leads to stronger conversion rates and that is especially true as more and more consumers are turning to mobile devices to assist in their purchase decisions – as many as 4 in every 5 American smartphone users!

So how do you captivate your consumers in a world of short attention spans, banner blindness and shrinking screen spaces? Here are 5 ways to boost your mobile ad engagement and examples of companies that get it…

1) CPA, CPI and CTR are known important metrics for the web but when it comes to mobile, time spent should also be a strong indicator of engagement.  For example, did a user expand your video, swipe through to the next screen or share on social media?  A consumer is engaging with your brand if they are actively participating in the ad.

Red Bull and Pandora did an incredible job enlisting mobile and social advertising to launch their three new energy drink flavors.  When users clicked on a can, a flavor-specific branded Pandora radio station is launched.

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MUNDO Media Meetup: Barcelona Recap

We would like to give a big thanks to Mundo Media for hosting an awesome meetup that brought together top affiliates from around the world, new emerging technologies like ZeroPark and YTZ and industry leaders, Millennial Media and DoubleClick.  Our VP of Business Development, David Kelly traveled across the Atlantic last week to spread the good word about WhatRunsWhere.

Mundo Meetup Barcelona

So what went down?

New friends were made, partnerships were born and many fiestas were had!  These smaller, more intimate meetups seem to be an exciting new trend for the performance marketing space, allowing time for great conversations and creative juices to flow.  We got a chance to talk to and get to know a lot more people than we would at some of the larger conferences.

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How Mobile Advertisers Can Get An Edge On Their Competition

We recently posted on How Agencies Can Spy On Their Competition In 5 Minutes so this time we are continuing the conversation with a focus on how mobile advertisers can get ahead of their competition.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Problem:

Think of how your company is currently gathering competitive intelligence especially in mobile, a new territory that many are just beginning to dive into.  More than likely you are doing one or all of the following: subscribing to your competition’s mailing list, reading their blog, trolling social media, Googling them and/or attending trade shows.  While these tactics will definitely help you gain insight, it involves tedious work that isn’t a good use of anyone’s time and money – plus now you have to worry about how to make use and interpret all this data!

The Solution:

We always knew mobile would take-off and play an increasingly larger role for companies, so we created our Mobile Intel Tool to provide competitive intelligence that brings clarity and understanding to mobile advertising. Here’s how we do it…

Using the Big 5 Banks as an example, we get the inside scope on what competitors like TD and BMO are doing in their latest marketing efforts.  What we offer is a robust view into their ad campaigns so you can see exactly which banner and text ads they are running.  Oh, did we also mention that we are the first company to offer Android in-app intelligence?

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Two Metrics You Need To Know To Throw A Jet Engine Behind Your Mobile User Acquisition

by Robin Campbell, Marketing at Tapstream

mobile users acqusition

As competition rises, one of the biggest questions plaguing the minds of app makers today is “How do I get more users?”

The other day, Tapstream’s CEO, Slaven Radic, was chatting to an app company about exactly this, only to discover the app maker had no idea what his customer lifetime value was – that’s to say, how much he will earn from an average customer throughout their relationship. This is alarming considering he was ready to dive head-first into user acquisition.

The sexy veneer of taking action and roping-in new users is tempting, but there are some important numbers you need to know first.

Knowing your cost of customer acquisition (CoCA) and lifetime value (LTV)

Learning how much it costs to acquire a customer (CoCA) for a given channel and how much that user is worth to you (LTV) is the only way you can determine which sources of users are worth going after.

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