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Update: We’ve Added More Native Ad Networks!

After recently announcing an expansion in our Native networks coverage, we are excited to share with you that we have increased our coverage once again! We now cover data from TripleLift, AdsNative, Sharethrough and Hexagram.

This brings our total Native ad network coverage to 17. What does this mean for you? More data from top Native networks, and more opportunities to uncover insights on your competitor’s Native advertising strategies.

Get introduced to the new networks below!

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Update: Easily Identify Native Ads With Every Search

There is no doubt that Native Advertising has been dominating the digital advertising landscape in 2015. When it comes to Native growth, buzz, and ad spend, revenue is expected to surpass $7 billion this year. As an advertiser, this is a rising form of advertising you need to understand in order to capitalize on. Better yet, understand what your competitors are doing and leverage their successes and failures. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Native Advertising module in our search results which will allow you to access and understand the full strategy behind native ad placements with ease.

What data can I discover with this new module?

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4 Tips for Business Growth with Native Ads

Last week our team traveled to the Big Apple to attend Affiliate Summit East (ASE). This is the conference for affiliate marketers, bringing together industry experts, newcomers and everyone in-between to network and discuss all things affiliate marketing. One of the best parts of ASE are the intimate educational sessions that connect industry professionals with affiliates to share insights on the latest trends in the industry. 

David Kelly, our VP of Business Development had the opportunity to lead a session on Leveraging Competitive Intelligence in Native Advertising. This is a growing trend in the affiliate world and for marketers looking for serious business growth. David had some valuable insights to share so we summarized the key learnings from his session below.

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Meet us at Affiliate Summit East!

WhatRunsWhere is thrilled to be both exhibiting and speaking at Affiliate Summit East which is taking place in New York from August 2-4.

This premier conference brings together agencies, affiliates, merchants, networks and vendors for three days of networking, education and discovery of the latest industry trends. One of the best aspects of Affiliate Summit East is the affiliate marketing experts who will be sharing their insights and personal experiences to help others in the industry succeed.

David Kelly, VP of Business Development

David Kelly, VP of Business Development

Our VP of Business Development, David Kelly, will be leading Session 5d on Leveraging Competitive Intelligence in Native Advertising on August 2nd, 3:30 – 4:00 PM. Get a better understanding of the ever-expanding native advertising opportunity and uncover the key components of an effective native campaign.

The WhatRunsWhere team will also be demonstrating how our tool is helping to breath new life into the affiliate marketing space.

Stop by Booth 1008 in the Ballroom Foyer to meet our awesome sales team: David, Jonathan, Sheldon and WhatRunsWhere Co-Founder and COO, Max Teitelbaum. Let us show you how WhatRunsWhere can benefit your business.

To help organize your time at ASE you can BOOK A DEMO now by emailing us at sales@whatrunswhere.com. Book your demo now!


The Native Ad Opportunity: The Do’s and Don’ts of Strategy

In our series, the Native Ad Opportunity, we’ve talked a great deal about the benefits of native advertising and the importance of Content Discovery Networks. By now we should be in agreement: native advertising has and will continue to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape.

In fact according to Patrick Albano, Head of Solutions EMEA at Yahoo, we’re seeing “a renaissance underway in digital advertising that is driving brands, publishers and consumers to communicate with each other in more personal and natural ways.” He adds, “Native advertising is an important piece of this evolution.”

To help you figure out how to best position yourself and start incorporating native ads into your media buying, we’ve compiled a list of what to do and what not to do when it comes to your native advertising strategy.

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The Native Ad Opportunity: Content Discovery Networks

In our recent posts, we gave a brief introduction to native advertising and broke down the three golden rules of a good native campaign. Create valuable, enriching, and non-disruptive content and viewers will click – those clicks will quickly turn into conversion.

But creating interesting content alone isn’t enough – you need to be able to get it in front of the right audience. This is where Content Discovery Networks come in.

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The Native Ad Opportunity: How the Best Campaigns Run Native Ads


Last week we talked about the growing native advertising opportunity and how it’s affecting the competitive landscape. We talked about why there’s been so much growth for native advertising – a digital ad strategy that promotes the brand by being embedded into its context. Native ads, after all, are non-interruptive paid ads so harmonious with the surrounding page’s content that viewers believe they simply belong there.

But when it comes to native advertising, there’s plenty left to learn.

From selecting the top publisher, to producing truly engaging content, and identifying the best ad format to use – making the right decisions can be overwhelming for new and experienced advertisers, alike.

This week, we’re going to breakdown several examples of impactful native advertising campaigns. We’ll analyze the methodology of some of the most successful native ad campaigns seen to date, and show you how to use competitive intelligence data to get a leg up on the competition.

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The Native Ad Opportunity: Defining Native Growth


It’s a common argument that standing out is key to advertising success. The longstanding practice is to have banners that pop and draw the eye directly to them, distracting viewers from the page content. Now however, the key to advertising success might be the complete opposite – blending in.

One of the fastest growing trends and newest frontier in the online ad landscape is native advertising. The main premise of native advertising is ensuring that creatives blend in with on-site content.

Increasingly, advertisers are incorporating native ads into their strategy to combat the millions of display and text ads already fighting for consumer attention. With banner blindness reaching 86%, as reported in a study conducted by Infolinks, native advertising could be the solution to winning back this lost attention and limiting wasted ad spend.

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