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Leveraging Data to Maximize Media Buying Efforts

Competitive intelligence is the secret weapon to taking control of your business’ online marketing strategy. The more you know about your competitors, the better. Where are your biggest competitors advertising online? What traffic sources are they using? What offers are they running? Which of their ads are performing best? These are all important questions to consider when developing your own advertising plans.

In today’s digital age, having a competitive advantage is more important than ever. Our data helps you craft more efficient, creative marketing strategies to grow your brand more effectively. All of which results in a positive jolt for both your CTR and overall ROI.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Max Teitelbaum, talked to HostingAdvice.com to discuss the importance of competitive analysis in business, its significance for site owners, and how our technology is better equipped to help digital marketers leverage more data without spending an arm and a leg.

The interview takes you behind the scenes of WhatRunsWhere, explaining how you can leverage our data to help you make more informed media-buying decisions.

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Key Take-Aways from Performance Marketing Insights Europe 2015

Last week, the WhatRunsWhere team jetted off to Berlin to attend Performance Marketing Insights (PMI).  This marketing conference welcomed more than 800 senior executives globally to network, strategize, and discuss the evolutionary future of performance marketing.

Attendees included advertisers, publishers, networks, agencies, affiliates, and adtechs from around the world. It was two days of informative keynotes and insightful panels led by industry leaders from companies including Matomy Media Group, Salesforce, RetailMeNot, and hotels.com.

PMI attracted a wide variety of industries, but there were two prominent verticals, retail (making up 22% of ticket holders) and travel that seemed to dominate  in conversation and in attendance.

So what can brands and advertisers learn about the travel and retail industries when it comes to the future of performance marketing? We’ve summarized the top takeaways for both verticals below.

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Join Us At Traffic MeetUp Online!

WhatRunsWhere is excited to announce our official sponsorship of this year’s Traffic MeetUp Online – the virtual Vertical Media and Online Advertising expo.

Conferences and industry shows are some of the best places to seriously improve your online advertising knowledge. There’s always something new to learn at speaker sessions. With industry experts attending, special guest speakers, and new technology being showcased, there’s plenty of opportunity to network or find quality leads. Unfortunately, showing up at these expos also usually means time away from the office, tiring travel logistics, and overcrowded schedules. The overwhelming preparations required can make anyone hesitant to go. Stopping you from capitalizing on major opportunities.

Luckily Traffic MeetUp Online provides all of the benefits of a normal conference, without any of the complications.

Looking to network, exchange ideas, and learn about industry trends – all from your computer screen? RSVP now for the free event taking place on May 5th – Sign up now!

We’ll see you there – virtually!


[Infographic] The Post-Superbowl Online Ad Game

Football isn’t the only cause of hype around the Superbowl. Each year, televised Superbowl ad space is some of the most coveted, with advertisers competing for the opportunity to reach millions of viewers, affixed with a multi-million dollar price tag. Good or bad, Superbowl TV ads are guaranteed to keep America (and the advertising world) talking long-after the the referee signals the end of the game.

With the onset of multi-screen viewing changing the way users consume ad content, advertisers need to consider how viewers are interacting with ads across TV, desktop, tablet and mobile. Smart advertisers are looking at how they can extend the TV ad experience as part of their digital display strategy.

In this infographic, we take a look at the Superbowl online ad strategy of three top advertisers – T-Mobile, Nationwide, and Doritos. 

15-02-04 FINAL superbowl infographic


To find out how you can gain further online display insights, visit WhatRunsWhere


Popular Guest Post Roundup


With busy season taking a toll on your schedule, it can be hard to keep up on the latest tips for online advertising and marketing. Lucky for you, now’s your chance to catch up!

Sit back, minimize all of your campaigns and spreadsheets, and take a look at a roundup of our most popular recent guest posts…

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NEW eBook: Launching An International Ad Campaign

WhatRunsWhere GeoEdge

Ready to take your campaign beyond the borders and start attracting an international audience?

Targeting new geographic locations is a great way to boost sales and grow your clientele.

With this eBook, learn how you can start your international campaigns off the right way and discover…

  • How to see where competing campaigns are running their ads.
  • How to pinpoint the best traffic sources when targeting a specific geo-location.
  • Where to see what your competitors are testing in each country.
  • How to view traffic sources & ad placements as a local user of any given geo-location.
  • How to monitor and ensure geo-targeted campaigns are running properly and effectively.



4 Steps To Bouncing Back From A Digital Marketing Mishap


You’re proud of your creative, you’re confident in your traffic sources, you just know your strategy is on point. Now you are ready for the leads to come pouring in!

But then… why aren’t they coming? You may have seen some leads trickle in, or had some consumer engagement, but your goals are just not being hit. Where did you go wrong?

There are many small mistakes that advertisers commonly make during campaign and strategy creation. Any of these mistakes can lead to underwhelming campaign results. It can be an easy answer  to scale way back after experiencing this, but that’s not the way to fix the problem.

So, how can you make a comeback and knock your next campaign out of the park? Here are 4 Steps to Bouncing Back after a Digital Marketing Mishap…

1. Re-Evaluate Your Timing

Keep in mind there is almost a season for everything so step back and determine if the timing of your campaign is one where your audience will likely be shopping for your product/service.

For example, weight Loss program Herbal Magic keeps their ads time-relevant. They introduce a Summer Slim-Down event during bikini season, and reference New Years resolutions during January and February – when most people are committed to making healthy changes.


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5 Top-Performing Examples For Your Black Friday Strategy


Black Friday is a mix of fear and excitement for consumers – with memories of being trampled in stores, or having items stolen out of their bare hands. The same can be said for online marketers. It’s competitive but also an exciting time with huge earning potential if you plan in advance and get ahead of your competition.

Cyber Black Friday is on the upswing. While in-store sales were down 3% for the event last year, online purchases saw a 16% increase!

Black Friday is 2 months away but it’s time to start planning NOW! To help you get in the holiday mindset, check out what these 5 top-performers did in 2013…

We spotted these common patterns:

  • Deals (obviously)
  • Little imagery, text heavy
  • Combination of brand colors with either holiday or black colors
  • “View Ad” vs. “Shop Now” CTA


Macy’s goes big for their Black Friday campaign! They had the largest amount of Black Friday ads across all of the brands we investigated. They test elements like catchy slogans (“Black Friday Doorbusters” vs. “Black Friday Grab-A-Deal”) and focus on two different events – their in-store sale and their online sale. As well, their CTA is consistently “preview now”, which helps build excitement through anticipation of what the sales could be.

Learning from Macy’s we can see that it’s valuable to advertise to different types of Black Friday shoppers, and bank on building up mystery.


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