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3 Back To School Lessons For Marketers

BacktoSchool (1)

Time to pull out the pencils and erasers, and put away the bathing suit– that’s right, it’s back to school time. But this doesn’t just affect the K-12 and post-secondary crowd. Instead of upcoming essays and exams, marketers have to ramp up for busy season and ad-heavy holidays like Black Friday and Christmas. After a low-key summer on the beach, this can be a little (or a lot) overwhelming.

As students are entering new schools and grades, marketers are entering a new age of advertising – with new forms of technology and new strategies to take hold of. This can be a huge learning curve at any time of year, but even more-so with an increasing amount of consumers using new forms of media for back to school shopping. Research suggests that people are actively seeking out online deals for supplies, and rely on all forms of digital media for their buying process.

Properly targeting back to school shoppers was previously just about the typical supplies (pens, paper, etc.), but now marketers have to jump into the clothing and electronics categories as well. When marketing back to school, you are now marketing an entire lifestyle to an eager-to-buy set of consumers.

For your back to school marketing inspiration, let’s see how 3 advertisers have adopted top-performing strategies…

1. First we’ll start with the basics – School Supplies from Staples

In their first display ad, Staples targets a specific group – children going back to school. They aim to catch their attention with recognizable cartoon characters and bright colors. One of the dominant traffic sources for this ad is freekidscrafts.com – by placing it here, they’re placing it on a site that kids and parents are likely to look at together. This way the child will see the advertisement, and encourage the parent to investigate actually buying the products.

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To Click Or Not To Click: 3 Tips To Get The Conversion


You did it! You caught the viewer’s attention. This is half the battle in a world jam-packed with advertising. But even though the viewer is now paying attention to you, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a sale – let alone even a click for that matter.

This is the tricky part: making sure your ad strategy will encourage consumers to take action, and not forget about your brand. According to ComScore, the average Internet user is served 1,707 banner ads per month. Even if the consumer notices one in particular, it is likely that they won’t take any action and may never think about the ad again.  So then what?

By using these 3 tips to get the conversion, your viewer will know exactly what to do… and they’ll actually do it!

1. Make Sure Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Is Clear And Direct

You know when your boss gives you 5 things to do at once, how you always forget at least 3 of the 5? Well, it’s the same for ads. Heavy ad copy leads to confusion. Pick one key message and one clear CTA and stick to it! If there’s only one thing to do, it’s much more likely it’ll actually be done.


2. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

In the digital age, people do their research. With so many review sites and comparisons readily available, it’s not too common that people see an ad and immediately buy the product without checking up on the product competitors first. Or even when they first see your ad, if it’s too similar to your competition, later on when they go to buy the product they may think of your competition before you Continue reading


6 Cardinal Rules to Online Engagement

EngagementThese days with so many different ways to connect with your audience it has become such an easy task to engage with your audience… Right?

Okay, not really, especially if you are not totally clear on what works.

Here are 6 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Online Engagement with your Audience…

1.    Get Visual

Imagine this—two online stores selling the same products for the same price. The two websites look almost identical and also share similar online marketing strategies. The only major thing that differentiates these two online stores is that one displays pictures of their products, while the other site only displays pictures of its logo. Continue reading


4 Easy Split Tests To Try Today

easy split tests

Test, optimize, repeat. Test, optimize, repeat.

Yes we know—optimizing a campaign is vital.

Performing these little testing experiments helps us to improve our campaign results and improve ROI, things we all want. But sometimes trying to think up new ideas of what to test can get a little exhausting, especially with the fear of wasting too many dollars testing ads.

Rather then thinking up new ideas to test, many advertisers simply are not testing enough, or even at all.  To gain some testing inspiration we looked into a few top performing advertiser’s campaigns.

Check out these 4 split-tests that are easy enough for you to try today…

1. Split Test Ads Targeted At Different Audiences

When using traffic sources with a widespread demographic such as MSNBC.com, it’s important to keep in mind that the same ad won’t work on everybody. Repetitive ads will leave you with a lot of wasted impressions.

Create ads that are uniquely targeted at different audience segments by changing up the copy or image, adding in colored borders, switch up the call-to-action, etc.

Examples of recent top-performing banners that the United Way is testing on the same traffic source…

Easy Split Tests


Easy Split Tests

2. Test Landing Pages With Different Promotions

One of the most imperative and difficult elements to test in your campaign is your landing page.  Without a properly optimized lander those ad clicks will become useless, and likely won’t convert.

While there are an unlimited number of different components to test on your landing page, one of the easiest and most effective split tests to try is by simply testing different call-to-action, forms, promotions and pricing.

American Laser Skincare is currently testing two variations of their summer promotion…

Easy Split Tests

Easy Split Tests

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Insights & Analysis: Advertising Landscape For Hosting Services


We took 180 days worth of data from our platform, ending in March of this year, and tracked the top nine hosting service providers.  We looked at over 35,500 placements across display, mobile and in-app channels to find out how these top hosting brands in the industry are approaching online advertising. 

Uncover their top performing ads, the channel mix behind their strategy, what ad networks they are using and more.

It’s free so CLICK HERE to view our newest industry advertising report and uncover online strategies from these top-performing advertisers…

Hosting Services


6 Things Online Retailers Can Learn from RetailMeNot

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of people like to save money with a good deal.  People have been bartering for deals since before money even existed.retailmenot

The option to pay less for a product or service can create a strong incentive to buy. This is why the distribution of coupons has been a widely used advertising tactic for over 200 years.

Although coupons have been successful at drawing in foot traffic for retailers, the cost of printing and distributing them often exceeds the ROI.  Furthermore, unless the coupons get into the hands of a well targeted audience, most end up in the trash.

Then came online coupons.

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WEBINAR: 10 Tips To Improve Your 2014 Online Advertising

The data is finally here!

Advertising performance data from the holidays is available and it is eye-opening to see the strategies advertisers used to drive holiday sales and which ones worked the best.

Join the two industry leaders in optimizing online advertising — WhatRunsWhere and The Search Monitor — as they summarize the important holiday data from 2013 and share the ten most important lessons for improving 2014 performance.

Attendees will see important holiday data, case studies & lessons for 2014 on:

  • Paid Search Ads, including Google’s PLAs
  • Affiliate Marketing & Compliance
  • Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads


Date: Wednesday, February 5 at 2pm EST.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see actual performance data from the industry leaders that you can easily apply to your 2014 campaigns!

UPDATE: Uncover ’10 Tips to Improve Online Advertising in 2014′ with this Free Webinar Recording…


5 Rules For Creating Eye-Catching Display Ads

banner ad tips

We all know images are far more successful at grabbing people’s attention than just text alone.  That’s why display advertising is so popular. However, most marketers don’t realize just how much a specific image can effect your click-through-rate (CTR).

Here are 5 rules that every display and mobile marketer needs to create eye-catching display ads…

1. Don’t Bother With Stock Photos

Here is the truth about stock photos: they are dull, boring and definitely do not catch much attention.  Never mind they were probably used a few hundred times by other sites.

The whole stock photo craze started due to a very limited supply of quality digital photos available online. The ability to purchase stock photos was seen as an easy way for online marketers to gain access to a huge variety of professional quality photos.

Don’t forget back in this ‘Stone Age’ there weren’t millions of photos being posted online every second. (Thanks camera phones and Instagram!)  These days we are numb to the boring images stock photo sites carry.  Instead, try using amateur photography when creating your ads.

(Note: Each of the ads used in this article are top performing ads found using our Top Ads feature.)

auto ad clear copyclear copy

2. Don’t Over Feature Your Logo

Don’t worry; once we click through to your landing page we’ll see your logo. There is no need to broadcast it in the ad. Continue reading