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Leveraging Data to Maximize Media Buying Efforts

Competitive intelligence is the secret weapon to taking control of your business’ online marketing strategy. The more you know about your competitors, the better. Where are your biggest competitors advertising online? What traffic sources are they using? What offers are they running? Which of their ads are performing best? These are all important questions to consider when developing your own advertising plans.

In today’s digital age, having a competitive advantage is more important than ever. Our data helps you craft more efficient, creative marketing strategies to grow your brand more effectively. All of which results in a positive jolt for both your CTR and overall ROI.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Max Teitelbaum, talked to HostingAdvice.com to discuss the importance of competitive analysis in business, its significance for site owners, and how our technology is better equipped to help digital marketers leverage more data without spending an arm and a leg.

The interview takes you behind the scenes of WhatRunsWhere, explaining how you can leverage our data to help you make more informed media-buying decisions.

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Meet the Media Buyer: Alex Omelianovych

In our latest installment of Meet the Media Buyer, we had the chance to talk to Alex Omelianovych, COO of AdsBridge, to get his perspective on finding success in the affiliate world. 

Omelianovych founded AdsBridge in 2012, a platform used by affiliates to effectively track campaigns and design optimized landing pages, after coming to the conclusion that affiliates were missing an important tool in their stack that was necessary to build successful campaigns.

We’re eager to hear about Omelianovych’s experience in the affiliate marketing industry, learn about current trends he deems as profitable opportunities and find out what it takes to build an optimized affiliate campaign.

Read on for our exclusive interview!

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4 Tools Every Digital Marketer Needs

In today’s digital marketing world, there are thousands of tools that exist to help you optimize your online strategy. So how do you know what to include in your marketing stack? Whether you’re trying to maximize your social reach, optimize landing pages, increase email response rates or develop a multi-channel strategy, you have a lot of tools to choose from. With so many tools available, the selection process can be overwhelming. BUT everyone’s needs are different.

If you’re feeling unsure about your current marketing stack or are seeking new tools to spice up your strategy, then this list is for you. We break down four key elements of your online marketing campaign and tell you which tools to use to optimize your success in that area. Whether you are a media buyer, affiliate manager, social media coordinator or anything in between, this list is your essential toolkit for online marketing success.

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Key Take-Aways from Performance Marketing Insights Europe 2015

Last week, the WhatRunsWhere team jetted off to Berlin to attend Performance Marketing Insights (PMI).  This marketing conference welcomed more than 800 senior executives globally to network, strategize, and discuss the evolutionary future of performance marketing.

Attendees included advertisers, publishers, networks, agencies, affiliates, and adtechs from around the world. It was two days of informative keynotes and insightful panels led by industry leaders from companies including Matomy Media Group, Salesforce, RetailMeNot, and hotels.com.

PMI attracted a wide variety of industries, but there were two prominent verticals, retail (making up 22% of ticket holders) and travel that seemed to dominate  in conversation and in attendance.

So what can brands and advertisers learn about the travel and retail industries when it comes to the future of performance marketing? We’ve summarized the top takeaways for both verticals below.

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The Top 5 Affiliate Forums


Two weeks ago we asked for your help with picking out the Top Affiliate Forums, and you guys fought for your favorites.

Some earned their place by a landslide while others were only known by a select few. Whoever you did or didn’t vote for, we hope you have found some new places to network and get caught up with industry news and tips.

Drumroll please! Here are the Top 5 Affiliate Forums (as voted by you)!

StackThatMoney | http://stackthatmoney.com/

Aff Playbook | http://www.affplaybook.com/index.html

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Vote For Your Favorite Affiliate Forums!


Forums are very important in the world of affiliate marketing. As a noob, it’s comforting to have a community to turn to.  But even well versed affiliate veterans will go to forums for advice, networking or simply for water cooler talk.

After receiving so much candid feedback from our ‘Top Affiliate Blogs’ post over who should and shouldn’t have made the list, we decided that this time around we’d let you guys be the judge!

To help get the ball rolling, here are some of the top affiliate forums we’ve come across…

AffiliateFix | http://www.affiliatefix.com/

Warrior Forum | http://www.warriorforum.com/

WickedFire | http://www.wickedfire.com/

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3 Back To School Lessons For Marketers

BacktoSchool (1)

Time to pull out the pencils and erasers, and put away the bathing suit– that’s right, it’s back to school time. But this doesn’t just affect the K-12 and post-secondary crowd. Instead of upcoming essays and exams, marketers have to ramp up for busy season and ad-heavy holidays like Black Friday and Christmas. After a low-key summer on the beach, this can be a little (or a lot) overwhelming.

As students are entering new schools and grades, marketers are entering a new age of advertising – with new forms of technology and new strategies to take hold of. This can be a huge learning curve at any time of year, but even more-so with an increasing amount of consumers using new forms of media for back to school shopping. Research suggests that people are actively seeking out online deals for supplies, and rely on all forms of digital media for their buying process.

Properly targeting back to school shoppers was previously just about the typical supplies (pens, paper, etc.), but now marketers have to jump into the clothing and electronics categories as well. When marketing back to school, you are now marketing an entire lifestyle to an eager-to-buy set of consumers.

For your back to school marketing inspiration, let’s see how 3 advertisers have adopted top-performing strategies…

1. First we’ll start with the basics – School Supplies from Staples

In their first display ad, Staples targets a specific group – children going back to school. They aim to catch their attention with recognizable cartoon characters and bright colors. One of the dominant traffic sources for this ad is freekidscrafts.com – by placing it here, they’re placing it on a site that kids and parents are likely to look at together. This way the child will see the advertisement, and encourage the parent to investigate actually buying the products.

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Insights & Analysis: Women’s Apparel

Skip the busy dressing rooms. Forget the parking lots. Why head to the mall when you can shop for all the latest trends from the comfort of your home?

When online shopping was first introduced, many doubted that it would ever take off, especially with fashion.  Boy, were they wrong!

This year in the US, apparel and accessories revenue from e-commerce is expected to reach $52 billion and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. By 2018 fashion e-commerce is expected to reach a staggering $86 billion!

In our latest industry advertising report we took a look at today’s biggest women’s apparel e-tailers and what they’re doing to bring shoppers to their virtual stores.

Click HERE to check out our latest Insights & Analysis Report as we uncover the display and mobile strategies from NastyGal, ASOS, ModCloth and LuLu’s …