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Winning the Digital Ad Game: 6 Tactics to Boost Your Advertising ROI

With the average banner click-through rate (CTR) falling around 0.1%, some people think display advertising has lost its effect.

But look at these stats from the U.K.:

  • Digital adspend grew £435 million in the first half of 2013.
  • Search is the top category, with 59% of the total.
  • Display has 23% of the total, making it the fastest growing category.
  • Banner ads take 44%.

In the U.S., growth is forecasted year over year through 2017, even taking into account the anticipated move from desktop to mobile:


Image Source

Clearly, the digital ad game is still in play.

And yes, banner blindness and low CTR are real problems that marketers must work through with every ad created, but it isn’t necessarily display advertising that’s causing the issue.

This one might sting a little, but the problem is more likely a lack of strategy. (Don’t fret. This article is here to help you out!)

Display advertising is one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness at the front end of your sales funnel. It helps strengthen brand recall and connect your brand to whatever your consumer is searching for.

For example, Intuit’s tax preparing software Turbotax has a number of text ads that come up when searching key terms such as ‘taxes,’ ‘do my own taxes,’ or ‘how to do my taxes.’

Take a look…


These ads are designed to align with the search terms plugged in by the user. The same context can be found with display ads by simply selecting other, more opportune ad placements. (More on that later.)

Display and text adverting is a very powerful way to drive traffic and strengthen your brand. However what works for one brand or industry, doesn’t always work for others.

Just like any other form of marketing, it takes research, data, and testing to figure out how display advertising can help your business.

Start building your highly effective customized display and text advertising strategy by using these 6 key tactics…

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5 Tips to Power-up Your Text Ad Strategy

text ad strategyAdvertising online in 2014 is a very complex task.  With so many options available, it can seem very overwhelming.  Questions like: ‘What social media sites should I take advantage of?’ or ‘What’s the best way to tackle search engine optimization?’ can really make your head spin.

One online marketing practice that has been around almost twenty years and has yet to lose its touch is text advertising. 64% of people who are browsing with the intent to buy click on sponsored text ads.  Let’s face it, aren’t we really after the people who have intent to buy?

Even though they’ve been around for almost two decades, most marketers still don’t really know how to approach text advertising. Despite not really knowing how to build it, many marketers just blindly make decisions for the text ad campaigns. As you can imagine, this doesn’t always work wonders for your ROI.

Rather then going into it blind, here are 5 tips to power-up your text ad strategy… Continue reading


RECAP: Everything Digital at Dx3 Canada


Photo Courtesy of @CloudRaker

The team is back from an informative and fun-filled two days at Dx3 Canada, Toronto’s Digital Advertising trade show.

This was our first time attending Dx3 as an exhibitor.  Our Sales Team manned the booth while our Marketing and Customer Support Teams were out and about on the floor networking and collecting cool swag.

From all the awesome networking, to the informative sessions, to the ultra-innovative booths (shoutout to Art & Science!) we definitely learned a lot and had a blast.


Here are 10 key takeaways from the show in (mostly) 140 characters or less:

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6 Things Online Retailers Can Learn from RetailMeNot

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of people like to save money with a good deal.  People have been bartering for deals since before money even existed.retailmenot

The option to pay less for a product or service can create a strong incentive to buy. This is why the distribution of coupons has been a widely used advertising tactic for over 200 years.

Although coupons have been successful at drawing in foot traffic for retailers, the cost of printing and distributing them often exceeds the ROI.  Furthermore, unless the coupons get into the hands of a well targeted audience, most end up in the trash.

Then came online coupons.

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Display Strategy: 3 Brands Taking Advantage of Sochi Olympics

All anyone can talk about right now is the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi Russia.  Whether they are talking about #SochiProblems, the mind-blowing opening ceremony, or the now started winter games, the Sochi Olympics are certainly on everyone’s mind.

Nielsen estimates that 31.7 million Americans tuned into the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday.

Just as we saw with the Super Bowl, marketers are taking full advantage of the Olympics with their advertising strategies especially when it comes to online.

Whether you are not able to tune-in and simply need game updates or you are partaking in a multi-screen experience, the Internet is a very powerful source for Olympic coverage. Simply search Olympics and voila…

display strategy sochi olympics

With so many people getting online to get a hold of their Olympic coverage, sites like TeamUSA.org have become premium publishers for ad placement.

These large-scale display campaigns require a ton of planning and a monstrous budget but can be incredibly beneficial for a brand’s online presence.

See how these 3 brands are taking advantage of the Sochi Olympics with their display advertising strategy… Continue reading


Build Ads that Convert: Learning from Progressive Insurance

Insurance is a popular commodity. It helps people to offset the cost of risk. Whether it is health, auto, home, or any other form of insurance, it is purchased as a safety net. It is there to protect you, should you need it.

It has been predicted that the insurance industry will be worth over $5.1 trillion in 2015.And what do we know always happens in booming industries? That is right: tons and tons of competition.

There are many, many (many) different options when it comes to choosing a provider for insurance. If you do a quick search, you will see…insurance text adsThere is plenty of competition for insurance advertisers online, but leading the way seems to be the folks over at Progressive.

Progressive has always been known for their powerful marketing strategies. (Who could forget the wonderful Flo? She even has her own Wikipedia page …) It is no surprise that their display, text and mobile strategy is nothing short of stellar.progressive

On our platform, Progressive received a whopping Prevalence Score of 13,827. With such great performance online, it is time to take a page or two from their books… Continue reading


Pre-Game Campaigns: Super Bowl XLVIII

pre game campaigns

Much like for football fans, Super Bowl has become an incredibly competitive day for marketers in all industries. From food, to cars, to electronics, you name it. Super Bowl brings in a colossal audience each year. And it is not just football fans that are tuning in.

In 2013, over 108 million Americans watched Super Bowl XLVII. That’s more than a third of the population.

Super Bowl Sunday is a much-anticipated annual event. With so many people following game day traditions, it is only natural that marketers began to follow suit.

This year AdWeek has assigned a ‘Special Coverage’ section covering all the news on ‘The Big Game 2014‘’. In this feed, you will not find coverage on the game itself, but rather the advertising that surrounds it.

Marketing Land also incorporated some Super Bowl advertising coverage onto their site with their ‘#Hashtag Bowl’. This page will offer a live hashtag scoreboard during the game in order to illustrate which social media channels are being used by the ads to drive engagement. The page description goes as far as to call the Super Bowl ‘America’s premier marketing event’.

During 2011’s game, Audi released the first TV commercial to ever feature a hashtag during the Super Bowl. The following year 10% of Super Bowl ads included a hashtag. Continue reading


6 Powerful Online Marketing Infographics

Prepare yourself!  You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

We’ve compiled our past infographics and squeezed them all into one post.  From top ads, to 2014 trends, tips to improve your real-time bidding strategy, to everything you need to know about mobile marketing.  These 6 powerful online marketing infographics tell and show all.

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Online Marketing Infographic


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Top Ads 2013|

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