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[Event] Affiliate Marketing Meetup Toronto – Hosted by WhatRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere is excited to announce that we are proudly hosting our very own Affiliate Marketing Meetup in Toronto on November 19th, 2015.

If you’re a performance marketer in the Toronto area, mark your calendars! This is an event you don’t want to miss. You’ll have the opportunity to network and learn from the industry’s most experienced online marketers. Not to mention, we’ll be serving up some FREE food and drinks. Affiliates are welcome. (Oh, and did we mention the FREE food and drinks yet?)


Here’s what you can expect:

On Thursday, November 19th from 6:00-9:00 PM WhatRunsWhere is giving you the chance to:

  • Mix and mingle with Toronto’s smart, creative, and diverse Affiliate Marketing community over food and drinks
  • Learn how to boost your strategy from an informative session on Mapping the Changing Advertising Landscape and Its Effect on Performance Marketers.
  • Get exclusive insights from highly curated industry leaders and innovators with media buying, digital marketing and entrepreneurial experience.


Speakers are TBA, but we’ll keep you updated on who will be there.

Why attend?

Not only will you build your affiliate network but you’ll hear from experts on the latest trends  in the industry and be able to discuss key strategies for success in the performance marketing space. RSVP now to secure your spot for a night that is sure not to disappoint!



Meet us at Performance Marketing Insights Europe!

WhatRunsWhere is excited to attend Performance Marketing Insights June 23-24, 2015 in beautiful Berlin. This leading performance marketing conference brings together top marketers from around the world.

#PMIEUR will be welcoming more than 1000 senior marketing professionals from more than 40 different countries and WhatRunsWhere is eager to network, connect and discuss competitive intelligence with attendees. This is the conference to attend to get access to premier content marketing strategies from leaders in the industry.


David Kelly, VP Business Development.

If you’re heading to Performance Marketing Insights in Berlin or if you just happen to be in town, be sure to connect with David Kelly, our VP of Business Development. Send him a message at sales@whatrunswhere.com to set up a meet and greet. Network and learn more about how competitive intelligence can help boost your advertising strategies!

Don’t forget to stay connected with us on Twitter @WhatRunsWhereSee you in Berlin!


Meet The Media Buyer: Geoff Marcy of Adfluent Media


Next up in our Meet The Media Buyer series, we talk to Geofferson Marcy, Co-Founder of Adfluent Media.  With almost a decade of online marketing experience under his black belt, Geoff has a passion for launching world class affiliate programs and helping innovative, disruptive businesses acquire new customers.

When he unplugs, he loves to sweat it out by long distance running and plotting the next globe-trotting adventure with his adorable new son.

1) What makes Adfluent Media “fluent” when it comes to helping Advertisers grow their customers?

We’re fluent because our philosophy is to “always do the right thing.” It seemed like an obvious way to go, but I’ve learned that in business it’s not always the norm.  We focus everyday on building a solid reputation in the performance marketing arena.  That makes it easy to attract the right partners custom to each campaign. We are able to quickly get to “How can we work together?” instead of “Why should we work together?”.

In the typical affiliate network model, affiliates scrap it out for top payouts, lead allocation, traffic sources and budget.  Consequently an offer might have hundreds of affiliates overlapping in execution, which doesn’t benefit the advertiser or the publisher.

We select a handful of partners on an invite-only basis based on a trusted business (and often personal) relationship.  Then we assign small, but highly specialized teams to each campaign with a focus on the most opportunistic channels. The net effect is high volume acquisition potential and increased transparency, without any headaches due to violations.

2) As a lean agency, how do you identify the best opportunities for media buyers you work with?

We have to be super selective in who we work with, but it serves everyone involved well.  Learning to say “No” if you can’t commit in full force is an art, but required for success.

Doing the upfront due diligence to make sure the advertiser has a sustainable business model, is ready to scale, well funded and has an ambitious long term plan helps to ensure campaigns we create go the distance. There is no value for setting up a campaign, start generating acquisitions, achieving profit – only to find out there is an unsustainable element.

We also make sure there won’t be issues with transparency and resistance to feedback.  By working closely with our merchants, often we can share behind the scenes intel with our media buyers to accelerate the optimization process. We look at our yield over a longer time horizon than other networks; as an example; two of our clients have been active with us for over 3 years. As a media buyer, think about the optimization that can be done in that amount of time with so much insight.

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Affiliate Marketing Tool of the Year

Affiliate Tool of the Year
We are thrilled to share that Affiliatefix has awarded us the title of ‘Affiliate Marketing Tool of the Year’!  Over 1500 affiliates voted and we came up on top!

Thank you to everyone who voted. We look forward to continue providing affiliates with top notch service!


Meet The Media Buyer: Jivan Manhas


Jivan was one of the first people I met in the industry back in 2007.  He founded Mediatrust where he wore more hats than he can remember: from Head of Sales, Head of Product and President.  He led the company to being one of the fastest growing performance-marketing firms in North America.  Jivan left Mediatrust in May of 2010 after the merger with Bardon Advisors.  We have remained good friends throughout the years and he continues to impress me with his expansive knowledge and new ventures.  Currently  Jivan is working on a new start-up that he believes will be more popular than mullets and the leg warmer craze of the 1980’s! Continue reading


How To Choose An Affiliate Network

With hundreds of affiliate networks to choose from, it can be confusing and overwhelming to shortlist the good ones.  Instead of using the shot gun approach and signing up for them all, let’s establish some criteria to save you time and potentially disastrous consequences.  Getting started at an affiliate network is like building any relationship.  Be selective, do some screening and you’ll have a better chance of long term success!

Here are our 4 hot tips to help you choose a good network, get approved faster and increase your success rate:

1) Research a short list.  

Ever Googled or snooped around on Facebook to check out a potential date?  Be diligent and treat your network the same way by visiting authority industry sites where you can see legit reviews, informative rants, find out what networks are reliable and paying on time.  I recommend using these resources to help you investigate: WickedFire (a savvy, popular and free affiliate forum), StackThatMoney (a paid affiliate forum with many active members), Affpaying (good tool for network discovery) and OfferVault (a source of offers with networks that carry them).

Some affiliate networks have hundreds of offers in many categories and others specialize by vertical or method.  Start by aligning your focus and philosophy with theirs.  Don’t just go with ones for the sake of high payouts (that is a poor short term strategy) — there is nothing more boring and non-motivating than promoting an offer you have no interest in.

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Is Your Small Business Ready For An Affiliate Marketing Program?


 Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing is a very cost effective sales strategy for SMB’s.  Basically it’s offering a commission to a partner called an “affiliate” when they generate a conversion, like a lead or sale.  However, not all products or services are suitable, so let’s find out which ones work and how to  create a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

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How Affiliate Networks Use Competitive Intelligence

WRW Lunch n Learn

In our latest Lunch n Learn series, Moufid Al-Joundi, VP of Network Distribution at Mundo Media came in to talk about life at an affiliate network and how they use our tools and services to stay ahead of the game.  Here’s a recap:

What exactly does an Affiliate Manager do?

The role of an Affiliate Manager (AM) at a network is quite vast and involves recruiting and managing affiliates.  They ensure affiliates have all the assets they need to promote a particular advertiser/merchant and that they abide by the terms of the campaign. Think of them as the middle man or woman!

A good AM will work with an affiliate to promote the right offers (not just what makes him/her the most commission). The highest payout doesn’t necessarily keep a good affiliate around either but more importantly, they are looking to work with networks that pay on time, have reliable and timely support, are transparent and offer additional reward incentives that are unique.  Mundo has a Loyalty Program where publishers can earn points and trade them in for cool prizes like electronics and exotic vacations.

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