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Meet Ben Louie: Advertising Manager at POF


There are plenty of ads on Plenty Of Fish and plenty of money to be made on this self-serving ad platform.  We talk to Benjamin Louie, employee #4 about where POF.com is today and where they are headed.  Ben is the primary contact on both the buy and sell side and behind the scenes, he is involved in the product development of their advertising platform, security and risk management and updating the advertising blog.

1) Where do you see your inventory being sold in 5 years? 

In 5 years I see a mix of web + mobile with a heavy skew towards mobile.  The trend is too hard to ignore but at this point in time, we’re still
trying to figure out the best way to effectively monetize mobile without sacrificing user experience.  I believe the buyers are going to shift towards more ad networks and agencies as the demand for performance tracking increases.

2) How has RTB emerged for you as a large publisher — the upside and downside?

Our advertising platform, ads.pof.com has been RTB since day one. By introducing RTB instead of falling back to Ad Sense, we dramatically
increased revenue. We’re now aggressively adding Ad Networks into the mix so we can compete and have a mix of direct advertisers, agencies, ad networks and Ad Sense.  For the user experience this is great as they experience a mix of direct response and branded ads. The downside of RTB from a traffic source’s point of view is quality control of ads. POF.com is in business for the long run and not for the short buck – we hold user experience as our top priority and react accordingly.

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