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5 Tips to Power-up Your Text Ad Strategy

text ad strategyAdvertising online in 2014 is a very complex task.  With so many options available, it can seem very overwhelming.  Questions like: ‘What social media sites should I take advantage of?’ or ‘What’s the best way to tackle search engine optimization?’ can really make your head spin.

One online marketing practice that has been around almost twenty years and has yet to lose its touch is text advertising. 64% of people who are browsing with the intent to buy click on sponsored text ads.  Let’s face it, aren’t we really after the people who have intent to buy?

Even though they’ve been around for almost two decades, most marketers still don’t really know how to approach text advertising. Despite not really knowing how to build it, many marketers just blindly make decisions for the text ad campaigns. As you can imagine, this doesn’t always work wonders for your ROI.

Rather then going into it blind, here are 5 tips to power-up your text ad strategy… Continue reading


5 Rules For Creating Eye-Catching Display Ads

banner ad tips

We all know images are far more successful at grabbing people’s attention than just text alone.  That’s why display advertising is so popular. However, most marketers don’t realize just how much a specific image can effect your click-through-rate (CTR).

Here are 5 rules that every display and mobile marketer needs to create eye-catching display ads…

1. Don’t Bother With Stock Photos

Here is the truth about stock photos: they are dull, boring and definitely do not catch much attention.  Never mind they were probably used a few hundred times by other sites.

The whole stock photo craze started due to a very limited supply of quality digital photos available online. The ability to purchase stock photos was seen as an easy way for online marketers to gain access to a huge variety of professional quality photos.

Don’t forget back in this ‘Stone Age’ there weren’t millions of photos being posted online every second. (Thanks camera phones and Instagram!)  These days we are numb to the boring images stock photo sites carry.  Instead, try using amateur photography when creating your ads.

(Note: Each of the ads used in this article are top performing ads found using our Top Ads feature.)

auto ad clear copyclear copy

2. Don’t Over Feature Your Logo

Don’t worry; once we click through to your landing page we’ll see your logo. There is no need to broadcast it in the ad. Continue reading


Ad Fraud: Warning Signs & How To Lower Your Risk!

Ad Fraud Threat MapAd Fraud Threat Map, from ClickForensics

Online ad fraud is a serious concern for many Internet marketers – rightfully so, because it’s estimated that the full cost of click fraud is a staggering $400 million per year. Simply put, ad fraud happens when someone clicks on an ad with malicious intent, whether to increase publisher revenues or to drive up the cost of a competitor’s campaign. Multiply that by thousands of clicks, delivered through viruses or bots, and you can see why this has become a huge problem.

While there’s no way to prevent ad fraud, you can keep an eye on certain metrics to identify the symptoms of an attack, and take action to minimize the risk of such.

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7 Secrets for Writing Killer PPC Ad Headlines

Stuck on lame headers?

Too often, advertisers spend time writing the copy and throw in the headline at the very end. But approximately 80% of people will read an ad header, but only 20% will go on to read the rest.

Writing powerful PPC ad headline copy is a must if you want to capture your reader’s interest. We spill our secrets on Trada’s Blog and give you 7 tips and tricks to help you write killer ad headlines that get attention and clicks.


AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Is Here! What Does This Mean For Advertisers?

Google Enhanced Campaigns

Just when we think we’re getting the hang of things in search, Google shakes it up all again! In their latest announcement of “enhanced campaigns”, marketers can now reach consumers with more relevant ads regardless of what device they are using.

Sounds like a good move towards seamlessly converging mobile and desktop devices, saving time and making things easier right? Well it’s never just that simple with Google. So what does this big news really mean for Media Buyers and how can we help?

The basics: how it works?

According to Google, “enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads, based on their context like location, time of day and device type, across all devices without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns.”

Let’s use a Pizza Restaurant to demonstrate how this work. Just before noon, you want to catch the office crowd that is searching for “pizza” and show your ad on their desktop with a link to your menu. Then again around 5:00pm when most people leave work, you may want to show a different ad to someone searching “pizza”, and include a click-to-call phone number so they can order straight from their smartphone on their way home.

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

This basically means that regardless of the time of day, keyword intent or whether your audience is toggling between a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you won’t miss the opportunity to reach them with the right ad.

The benefits:

It’s like killing two birds with one smartphone! We know mobile is hot right now but many businesses still haven’t optimized their advertising (or websites) for mobile devices. With enhanced campaigns, marketers (even the noobs) can easily setup mobile ads, manage, pull reports and compare multiple campaigns across all devices at the same time.

Secondly, Google is getting better at localization. By knowing whether a search is done at home, in the office or elsewhere, you can serve ads based on the proximity of where a user is relative to your business. This “mobile preferred” feature is great if you are sending out location specific offers or limited time promotions.

The drawbacks:

Previously you could chose whether you want to create a desktop OR mobile campaign but now there is no option to create a mobile-only campaign. Hmmmm sounds like Google thinks it knows what’s best for marketers! Meanwhile, agencies, affiliate marketers and other more savvy advertisers can expect to experience some frustrations with these new changes.

Controlling bids and budgets are also not as transparent and some of the granular options for the more sophisticated advertisers will be sacrificed.

How can we enhance your experience with Adwords enhanced campaigns?

Between now and the full upgrade of all campaigns in mid-2013, advertisers can experiment with different types of ads by device. More than ever it’s important to track the performance of mobile vs. desktop ads.

With our WhatRunsWhere mobile tool (currently in beta), you can get access to real-time intel on what your competition is doing by device (iPad, iPhone and Android), by networks and across 9 countries.

Also, just like with our Display Intel tool, you can search through text ads, landing pages and the most popular banner sizes. Notice how the ads may change depending on the device and get new ideas on ways to customize the copy/creative to each device.

Like it or not, enhanced campaigns is here! Get ahead of the game and try us out for just $1.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe enhanced campaigns will boost your business’ success in a world of constant connectivity?