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Programmatic, Native & Other Trends to Master in 2016

2016 will be here before we know it! It’s never too early to start planning ahead for the New Year. What does your online marketing strategy look like for 2016?  Have you considered programmatic or native advertising for the year ahead? What trends dominated the digital space in 2015 and will they last in the new year? We answered all of these questions and more in an exclusive interview with Garrett Gan from Thalamus.

Thalamus is the largest crowdsourced database of ad vendor data in the world. With 50,000+ partners, Thalamus houses the most comprehensive dataset of ad partner capabilities, contacts, marketing collateral, ad specs, network data, and marketer reviews for vendors worldwide.

If you’re wondering what’s in store for the year ahead, read our interview below and start leveraging Garrett’s insights for your 2016 online marketing campaigns.   Continue reading


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SMX West 2014 San Jose

SMX is one of the best conferences for SEO and SEM.  The agenda features 60 sessions, keynotes and clinics on paid search, SEO, social media marketing, mobile search and there are tons of networking opportunities.

SMX Speaker
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Link Building And SEM In The Penguin Era

Google penguin

In the past few years, Google has shown a rather interesting pattern – one that involves damaging websites that build themselves on the wrong SEO and SEM tactics. The other incredibly popular pattern is their particular affinity for black and white animals. After its first algorithm update, back in 2011, Google Panda was joined by the Penguin. And with either development, the result was rather clear – the Internet noticed a certain ranking shake-down. Internet marketers that focused on gray/black-hat tactics had the most to lose, and the rest simply suffered due to their low quality content.

Nowadays, we’re witnessing a second update to the Google Penguin algorithm so what does that mean in terms of Link Building and SEM?

First off, Penguin is Panda’s more aggressive brother. Consider someone that is detail-oriented that can smash most ratings to the ground. But what are Internet marketers to do in this new era? Well, the focus has been shifted to non-static content.  One of the best ways to create a non-static environment is to add a blog to your site.  Posting at least once a week will create that fresh content click.

So what should you write about? You cannot expect bad content to work out, after all, with the Penguin and Panda you’ll see failure sooner than you think. Neither will hyperlinked content. This is where SEM becomes relevant – starting a larger, broader search engine marketing strategy – one that preferably does not focus solely on keywords will work. The first rule of the thumb will be to only post quality content or things you would want to read about.  The second is taking care of the linking procedure – a certain diversity between links is desired. Backlinking to your own website that go on forever will end up doing more damage than good.

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AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Is Here! What Does This Mean For Advertisers?

Google Enhanced Campaigns

Just when we think we’re getting the hang of things in search, Google shakes it up all again! In their latest announcement of “enhanced campaigns”, marketers can now reach consumers with more relevant ads regardless of what device they are using.

Sounds like a good move towards seamlessly converging mobile and desktop devices, saving time and making things easier right? Well it’s never just that simple with Google. So what does this big news really mean for Media Buyers and how can we help?

The basics: how it works?

According to Google, “enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads, based on their context like location, time of day and device type, across all devices without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns.”

Let’s use a Pizza Restaurant to demonstrate how this work. Just before noon, you want to catch the office crowd that is searching for “pizza” and show your ad on their desktop with a link to your menu. Then again around 5:00pm when most people leave work, you may want to show a different ad to someone searching “pizza”, and include a click-to-call phone number so they can order straight from their smartphone on their way home.

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

This basically means that regardless of the time of day, keyword intent or whether your audience is toggling between a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you won’t miss the opportunity to reach them with the right ad.

The benefits:

It’s like killing two birds with one smartphone! We know mobile is hot right now but many businesses still haven’t optimized their advertising (or websites) for mobile devices. With enhanced campaigns, marketers (even the noobs) can easily setup mobile ads, manage, pull reports and compare multiple campaigns across all devices at the same time.

Secondly, Google is getting better at localization. By knowing whether a search is done at home, in the office or elsewhere, you can serve ads based on the proximity of where a user is relative to your business. This “mobile preferred” feature is great if you are sending out location specific offers or limited time promotions.

The drawbacks:

Previously you could chose whether you want to create a desktop OR mobile campaign but now there is no option to create a mobile-only campaign. Hmmmm sounds like Google thinks it knows what’s best for marketers! Meanwhile, agencies, affiliate marketers and other more savvy advertisers can expect to experience some frustrations with these new changes.

Controlling bids and budgets are also not as transparent and some of the granular options for the more sophisticated advertisers will be sacrificed.

How can we enhance your experience with Adwords enhanced campaigns?

Between now and the full upgrade of all campaigns in mid-2013, advertisers can experiment with different types of ads by device. More than ever it’s important to track the performance of mobile vs. desktop ads.

With our WhatRunsWhere mobile tool (currently in beta), you can get access to real-time intel on what your competition is doing by device (iPad, iPhone and Android), by networks and across 9 countries.

Also, just like with our Display Intel tool, you can search through text ads, landing pages and the most popular banner sizes. Notice how the ads may change depending on the device and get new ideas on ways to customize the copy/creative to each device.

Like it or not, enhanced campaigns is here! Get ahead of the game and try us out for just $1.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe enhanced campaigns will boost your business’ success in a world of constant connectivity?