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5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

As a startup, you’re always eager to find creative ways to shake up the status quo. But your primary concern is figuring out the best (and most cost-effective) way of growing your business. Between determining the next best market to tap into and deciding on where to set up your ping pong table, you’re always looking for ways to drive growth. How you market your business can make or break the success of your company.

You know that advertising is a critical component for success, but your resources are limited. So how do you get your startup in front of as many eyes as possible without the budget that your established competitors have to work with? Don’t fret – we’ve narrowed down 5 helpful tips startups can use to start driving growth for their business now.

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6 Cardinal Rules to Online Engagement

EngagementThese days with so many different ways to connect with your audience it has become such an easy task to engage with your audience… Right?

Okay, not really, especially if you are not totally clear on what works.

Here are 6 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Online Engagement with your Audience…

1.    Get Visual

Imagine this—two online stores selling the same products for the same price. The two websites look almost identical and also share similar online marketing strategies. The only major thing that differentiates these two online stores is that one displays pictures of their products, while the other site only displays pictures of its logo. Continue reading


How can you find and use competitive intelligence?


Here at WhatRunsWhere, we provide a competitive intelligence platform for users to discover what’s out there in the world of display and mobile advertising. But competitive intelligence is definitely not just limited to advertising. A company can incorporate it into their business plan on many fronts, including R&D, marketing, finances, and much more.

Here, we cover some of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to collect competitive intelligence from your rivals.

Product News

Keep track of your competitor’s product updates by setting up a Google Alert for their name. You’ll receive automatic emails that aggregate the most recent news that highlights that keyword. You can also build a “recipe” on IFTTT – an automation service – to send you an email when a company posts something about a certain topic (like this one).

Other great sources of competitive intelligence for product development are keynote speeches by company leaders or annual reports; these often outline the company’s upcoming plans and goals.

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Popular Guest Post Roundup

Here we go again!  We’re sharing our top guest posts — everything from affiliate marketing tips to native advertising to ways on how you can drive up your search ad CTR!


4 Ways To Drive Up Your Search Ad CTR via HasOffers

Google Adwords

Before you call it quits on your Adwords campaign, try these quick and simple (but often neglected tactics) on how to optimize your search ads and lift your CTR. Read here >


What Is Native Advertising and Does It Really Work? via The Agency Post


Native advertising is one of those buzzwords that is casually thrown around in agency meetings so what is it and how do you make it work for your business? Read here >


12 Ways To Market On A Startup Budget via Business2Community

Gold piggy bank with coins

No money? No problem! A huge budget for glitzy advertising doesn’t always guarantee leads or sales.  The key to effective marketing is to contribute relevant and quality content that lets consumers know exactly what’s in it for them.  Here are my top tips for the lean small business owner… Read here >


How To Craft A Brilliant Email Campaign via Soho

Email Marketing

Email is a cheap and underrated way for small businesses to build their brand and generate leads, but how can you ensure that your newsletter doesn’t get sent straight to the trash? Here are 6 ways to create amazing email content that your subscribers will want to read! Read here >


How To Choose An Affiliate Network

With hundreds of affiliate networks to choose from, it can be confusing and overwhelming to shortlist the good ones.  Instead of using the shot gun approach and signing up for them all, let’s establish some criteria to save you time and potentially disastrous consequences.  Getting started at an affiliate network is like building any relationship.  Be selective, do some screening and you’ll have a better chance of long term success!

Here are our 4 hot tips to help you choose a good network, get approved faster and increase your success rate:

1) Research a short list.  

Ever Googled or snooped around on Facebook to check out a potential date?  Be diligent and treat your network the same way by visiting authority industry sites where you can see legit reviews, informative rants, find out what networks are reliable and paying on time.  I recommend using these resources to help you investigate: WickedFire (a savvy, popular and free affiliate forum), StackThatMoney (a paid affiliate forum with many active members), Affpaying (good tool for network discovery) and OfferVault (a source of offers with networks that carry them).

Some affiliate networks have hundreds of offers in many categories and others specialize by vertical or method.  Start by aligning your focus and philosophy with theirs.  Don’t just go with ones for the sake of high payouts (that is a poor short term strategy) — there is nothing more boring and non-motivating than promoting an offer you have no interest in.

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Is Your Small Business Ready For An Affiliate Marketing Program?


 Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing is a very cost effective sales strategy for SMB’s.  Basically it’s offering a commission to a partner called an “affiliate” when they generate a conversion, like a lead or sale.  However, not all products or services are suitable, so let’s find out which ones work and how to  create a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

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