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Dear Advertisers: It’s OK To Be Brilliantly Flawed!

My husband and I recently took up an issue with a large brand on Twitter and was surprised with the results.   It really made me think about the powerful impact of turning negative goodwill experiences into valuable human connections for businesses.

Here’s what went down…

We purchased a Hoover vacuum a little less than two years ago.  The motor recently died and I was having a hard time getting any sympathy from customer service.   Three calls to their service team resulted in everyone getting defensive — with me receiving a lecture on how to properly clean my vacuum and what was (and wasn’t) covered by their two year warranty.  At this point my husband vowed to boycott Hoover for life.

Meanwhile, I suggested that he try sending them a tweet.  As a Marketing Community Manager myself, I’ve been extremely responsive and proactive when it comes to dealing with customer complains, so I wondered if other brands were also leveraging social media to resolve issues.

As the dust bunnies gathered in our living room, hubbie blasted out his frustration directly @OfficialHoover and received this response within minutes!


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