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5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

5 Ways Successful Startups Drive Growth

As a startup, you’re always eager to find creative ways to shake up the status quo. But your primary concern is figuring out the best (and most cost-effective) way of growing your business. Between determining the next best market to tap into and deciding on where to set up your ping pong table, you’re always looking for ways to drive growth. How you market your business can make or break the success of your company.

You know that advertising is a critical component for success, but your resources are limited. So how do you get your startup in front of as many eyes as possible without the budget that your established competitors have to work with? Don’t fret – we’ve narrowed down 5 helpful tips startups can use to start driving growth for their business now.

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[Exclusive Interview] Being Part of Toronto’s Thriving Startup Community

It’s being said that in the past decade, Toronto has become “the undisputed capital of Canadian innovation” with over 600 startups sprouting in the city as of 2013. Nestled in this thriving startup community is Bitmaker Labs, one of Canada’s largest web development and coding boot camp. Their Web Development class was invited to visit our WhatRunsWhere Toronto office last week!

Our co-founders Max Teitelbaum and Mike Cojanu talked all about technology, entrepreneurialism, and the challenges you’ll face when you first launch. After the talk, we sat down with Max, Mike, and Bitmaker Labs CEO, Craig Hunter, to pick their brains some more about how to launch (and maintain) a successful startup. Read on for the exclusive interview!


Students from Bitmaker Labs’ Web Development Class visiting the WhatRunsWhere Toronto office.

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Popular Guest Post Roundup

Here we go again!  We’re sharing our top guest posts — everything from affiliate marketing tips to native advertising to ways on how you can drive up your search ad CTR!


4 Ways To Drive Up Your Search Ad CTR via HasOffers

Google Adwords

Before you call it quits on your Adwords campaign, try these quick and simple (but often neglected tactics) on how to optimize your search ads and lift your CTR. Read here >


What Is Native Advertising and Does It Really Work? via The Agency Post


Native advertising is one of those buzzwords that is casually thrown around in agency meetings so what is it and how do you make it work for your business? Read here >


12 Ways To Market On A Startup Budget via Business2Community

Gold piggy bank with coins

No money? No problem! A huge budget for glitzy advertising doesn’t always guarantee leads or sales.  The key to effective marketing is to contribute relevant and quality content that lets consumers know exactly what’s in it for them.  Here are my top tips for the lean small business owner… Read here >


How To Craft A Brilliant Email Campaign via Soho

Email Marketing

Email is a cheap and underrated way for small businesses to build their brand and generate leads, but how can you ensure that your newsletter doesn’t get sent straight to the trash? Here are 6 ways to create amazing email content that your subscribers will want to read! Read here >


Is Your Small Business Ready For An Affiliate Marketing Program?


 Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing is a very cost effective sales strategy for SMB’s.  Basically it’s offering a commission to a partner called an “affiliate” when they generate a conversion, like a lead or sale.  However, not all products or services are suitable, so let’s find out which ones work and how to  create a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

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Yeehaw We’re In The Globe and Mail Today!

cowboys wild west

Did you know our company was created almost by accident?

Yup!  Co-founders Mike Cojanu and Max Teitlebaum were both in their teens and running their own digital advertising businesses when they built this tool to help them with media buying and staying ahead of their competition.  Since those good ol’ startup days of Mike coding on a laundry bin in his living room, WRW has grown into a global business with offices in San Diego and Toronto.

Read more to find out how they tamed the wild west of online marketing…



We’re Blazing a Path in Performance Marketing!


Our Co-Founder & COO, Max Teitelbaum, is featured in Techvibes today! He’s in his early 20’s and a huge basketball fan so it’s no surprise he runs his startup like he runs plays on the court.

“You have different positions within a team that play unique roles and each of them have their strengths. You have to have team work, you have to be unselfish and you have to be able to see how a play is developing, acting and reacting in a quick fashion.”

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Starting a company is akin to fighting a war!


Our COO and Co-Founder, Max Teitelbaum recently sat down with Startups FM to talk about how starting a company is akin to fighting a war, with victories in a lot of little battles leading to the overall goal (ie. sale, merger or IPO).

One thing that is often overlooked – but extremely important – in today’s cluttered and noisy landscape is a company’s digital advertising strategy.  Read the full article to find out how startups can build brand loyalty and accelerate their growth even with a limited budget…