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Display Strategy: 3 Brands Taking Advantage of Sochi Olympics

All anyone can talk about right now is the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi Russia.  Whether they are talking about #SochiProblems, the mind-blowing opening ceremony, or the now started winter games, the Sochi Olympics are certainly on everyone’s mind.

Nielsen estimates that 31.7 million Americans tuned into the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday.

Just as we saw with the Super Bowl, marketers are taking full advantage of the Olympics with their advertising strategies especially when it comes to online.

Whether you are not able to tune-in and simply need game updates or you are partaking in a multi-screen experience, the Internet is a very powerful source for Olympic coverage. Simply search Olympics and voila…

display strategy sochi olympics

With so many people getting online to get a hold of their Olympic coverage, sites like TeamUSA.org have become premium publishers for ad placement.

These large-scale display campaigns require a ton of planning and a monstrous budget but can be incredibly beneficial for a brand’s online presence.

See how these 3 brands are taking advantage of the Sochi Olympics with their display advertising strategy… Continue reading


Pre-Game Campaigns: Super Bowl XLVIII

pre game campaigns

Much like for football fans, Super Bowl has become an incredibly competitive day for marketers in all industries. From food, to cars, to electronics, you name it. Super Bowl brings in a colossal audience each year. And it is not just football fans that are tuning in.

In 2013, over 108 million Americans watched Super Bowl XLVII. That’s more than a third of the population.

Super Bowl Sunday is a much-anticipated annual event. With so many people following game day traditions, it is only natural that marketers began to follow suit.

This year AdWeek has assigned a ‘Special Coverage’ section covering all the news on ‘The Big Game 2014‘’. In this feed, you will not find coverage on the game itself, but rather the advertising that surrounds it.

Marketing Land also incorporated some Super Bowl advertising coverage onto their site with their ‘#Hashtag Bowl’. This page will offer a live hashtag scoreboard during the game in order to illustrate which social media channels are being used by the ads to drive engagement. The page description goes as far as to call the Super Bowl ‘America’s premier marketing event’.

During 2011’s game, Audi released the first TV commercial to ever feature a hashtag during the Super Bowl. The following year 10% of Super Bowl ads included a hashtag. Continue reading


6 Powerful Online Marketing Infographics

Prepare yourself!  You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

We’ve compiled our past infographics and squeezed them all into one post.  From top ads, to 2014 trends, tips to improve your real-time bidding strategy, to everything you need to know about mobile marketing.  These 6 powerful online marketing infographics tell and show all.

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Online Marketing Infographic


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