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Meet The Media Buyer: Corey Post


I caught up with Corey Post recently as he prepares for the upcoming Affiliate Summit East in Philadelphia.  Corey is a speaker, writer and digital marketer with over a decade of experience working with companies from startup through IPO.  He will be speaking on Contest Marketing and hosting an Ask the Experts table on User Generated Content.  Don’t miss out on his presentation on Monday, August 19 at 4:40pm EST.

1) You’ve been a fan of ours for a while now!  How did you use WRW and what were your favorite tools?  Can you give us examples of how competitive intelligence helped inspire or saved you money on a campaign?

Since paid search is so expensive, I found it really helpful to find media buying opportunities, both by keyword and advertiser.  I looked for areas where my competitors repeatedly ran ads. Or, even better, I found tangential, or space-related, traffic sources that were undervalued.

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Try This To Increase Your Mobile Ad Engagement!

Mobile Users

We all know higher engagement leads to stronger conversion rates and that is especially true as more and more consumers are turning to mobile devices to assist in their purchase decisions – as many as 4 in every 5 American smartphone users!

So how do you captivate your consumers in a world of short attention spans, banner blindness and shrinking screen spaces? Here are 5 ways to boost your mobile ad engagement and examples of companies that get it…

1) CPA, CPI and CTR are known important metrics for the web but when it comes to mobile, time spent should also be a strong indicator of engagement.  For example, did a user expand your video, swipe through to the next screen or share on social media?  A consumer is engaging with your brand if they are actively participating in the ad.

Red Bull and Pandora did an incredible job enlisting mobile and social advertising to launch their three new energy drink flavors.  When users clicked on a can, a flavor-specific branded Pandora radio station is launched.

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