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WRW Update: Four New Countries Launched!

We get tons of great feedback about our product daily. We’ve listened to you and heard your need for more international coverage – so our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT today is that we are releasing data in 4 new countries!

So where in the world is WhatRunsWhere now?
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico – New!
  • Brazil – New!
  • Netherlands – New!
  • Israel – New!

WRW in 11 countries


We Added 2 New Features!

We’re all about making your life easier.  Well, at least when it comes to media buying, so we just completed an overhaul of our “By Keyword” and “Top Ads” filters allowing you to more easily find network-specific data in our system.

For example: You can now go in and search by Strongest, Recently Seen and Recently Discovered ads.  (Click images to enlarge.)

WRW features 1

In addition, you can now filter to view display data specific to one of our 30 top display networks.  This basically means greater access to intel with less digging.

For example, if you wish to see the top ads on the SiteScout network, you can now do so by selecting “SiteScout” from the network filter list.

WRW features 2

Give these new features a test drive and let us know what you think!