World Cup 2014 Campaigns: Audience of 3.6 Billion

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world cup 2014This year’s World Cup is quite the hot topic right now – it has already taken over Google and Twitter, as well as some of today’s biggest online campaigns. However, anything that draws together an audience of more than half the human population is bound to be a popular subject, especially online.

Uncover how these brand advertisers are taking advantage of the 2014 World Cup in their campaigns…

Nike “Risk Everything”


With all of the players wearing so much of it, anyone could have bet that Nike would release a World Cup campaign. Using TV, magazine, and display ads, Nike drove their audience to a five and half minute video on their site entitled ‘The Last Game’. The video was made to promote their new World Cup collection. (See campaign)

world cup 2014

world cup 2014

Adidas “all in or nothing”


Adidas also drew audiences to a video on their site. The “all in or nothing video” video encourages audiences to sign up via Twitter or Email for World Cup updates. You can be sure that these updates will be coupled with promotions for Adidas’ Football collection. (See campaign)

world cup 2014

world cup 2014

Coca Cola


Coca Cola, one of this year’s official sponsors, released a few different World Cup campaigns. These campaigns included: ‘Win A Ball’, ‘What’s Your Goal’, and ‘Send Your Selfie To Brazil’. With such a large audience, Coke was smart to test different campaigns for optimal results. Each campaign has audience engagement as its prime focus. (See campaign) 

world cup 2014

world cup 2014

Activia- Shakira’s “La La La (Brazil 2014)”


Catchy jingles are still a gold mine when it comes to advertising. That’s why Activia partnered up with Shakira to produce a catchy hit World Cup single. While this campaign has no strong call to action, Activia certainly earned some recognition with this campaign. (See campaign)

world cup 2014world cup 2014

Buffalo Wild Wings- “The Whole World Is Watching”


Well, at least half the world is watching. And you can bet that they’ll be hungry. Restaurants, fast food chains, snack foods, and beer brands all certainly cash in during the World Cup. Buffalo Wild Wings realized this and took full advantage of this certainty by incorporating it into their campaigns in order to stay top of mind. (See campaign)

world cup 2014world cup 2014

Taking advantage of current events in your campaigns can be a great way to make your brand stand out. The above brands are highly effective in doing so, due to the fact that they all have something to gain from the World Cup. Whether it’s to push their new athletic gear, promote a popular snack, or keep their restaurant top of mind, their ads have perfect relevance with this grand event.

Be sure to only tie your brand to events where you stand to make gain.

Seen any other World Cup campaigns that you’d like to share? Be sure to tell us in the comments!


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